VSPCA Rescues a Very Special Blind and Deaf Dog!

VSPCA Rescues a Very Special Blind and Deaf Dog!

A few weeks ago, VSPCA received a distress call about a stray dog who is completely blind and deaf. He was staying in a fire station and the staff there would look after him when they could. However, they requested VSPCA to come to rescue him as he was no longer safe with the emergency vehicles constantly moving in and out of the facility. 

As per their commitment to rescue animals, VSPCA staff had brought him in and set him up to  be neutered under VSPCA’s humane Animal Birth Control Programme which was established two decades  ago. After this pup recovered from the surgery, we dropped him off in the same neighbourhood we picked him up from. We needed to explore if he could manage by himself in his known environment. However, his complete deafness and blindness make it no longer safe for him to keep living there. Therefore, we made the decision to shift him to VSPCA’s Shelter 1 which is our main shelter. This is also where all the other special needs and senior dogs stay. This way, he will not feel isolated and also be ensured of a very safe place for his peace and happiness

Our ABC Programme is a joint initiative with our partners at NetAp- Network for Animal Protection in Switzerland. Dogs of all natures and abilities are at our Dog Center. Several comprehensive programs make this programme work effectively for our friends here. From spay or neutering surgeries, providing nourishing food, play areas, providing fresh water all the time, to a clean environment (where their litter areas are cleaned twice a day). Additionally, vets are always available to not just treat them in emergencies but to also give them regular check ups. Thank you for supporting this very needed programme for our best friends!

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