Meet Gopal Krishna: One who is Meant to be a Part of VSPCA

Meet Gopal Krishna: One who is Meant to be a Part of VSPCA

This poor pup was rescued under very tragic circumstances. He had gone through a lot of stress, trauma, dehydration, and he had an injury on his head that was infested with maggots. When our team found him and brought  him back to the shelter, our vets recommended that the best course of action for him was to get him euthanized. It would take more effort than we could manage, and he was in a lot of pain. His eyes seemed to ask that he did not want to live.  

But, at VSPCA, animals always get second chances. Thus, our brilliant medical team stepped in and worked together to give this pup a second chance at life. Now, we can proudly say that he has fully recovered from his injury. Although he is missing one eye, his recovery has been rather miraculous.  

He is fully fit to move around and he greets everyone at our shelter with a wag of his tail. We decided to name him Gopal Krishna because he was rescued on Janmashtami Day.  This little guy has a strong affinity for the cows at the shelter and is often seen spending hours among them.  His name really does suit him and he is part of Krishna’s herd after all! 

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