Multi Speciality Hospital at VSPCA’s Shelter 1!

Multi Speciality Hospital at VSPCA’s Shelter 1!

Dr. Sunil, a young veterinarian was taught and learnt the basics of animal care at VSPCA almost 10 years ago. He has returned to his Alma Mater so to speak, where he and VSPCA are working towards the implementation of a Multi-Speciality Hospital in Visakhapatnam to be oeprated from VSPCA’s Main Shelter for animals. It is to be inaugurated early next year in 2024.

Dr. Sunil graduated with a Veterinary Studies degree and has subsequently completed his PhD. in Veterinary Sciences in the USA. He has established several vet-oriented startups in the USA.  

His idea is to utilize VSPCA’s networks; their track record with animal rescue, protection, and care; their first hand experience and knowledge from treating and housing animals; their city-wide services such as–Animal Birth Control (ABC based on AWBI Regulations), Animal Rabies Vaccinations and Re-Vaccinations, Mobile Animal Ambulance, as well as their initiatives such as Sea Turtle Conservation and Migratory Birds Conservation. 

Dr. Sunil wants to use all these resources available from VSPCA to build this Multi-Speciality Hospital  in Visakhapatnam. It is being planned as a  state-of-the-art animal hospital offering advanced services, equipment, techniques, and VSPCA’s hard-earned approaches for animal management across the city. The Multi-Speciality Hospital is a three-storey building with central air-conditioning is currently undergoing construction. 

Just as VSPCA is one of the rare animal organizations in India addressing challenging issues such as biodiversity conservation, along with managing two full fledged Animal Shelters, this Multi-Speciality Animal Hospital will also be unique in the services they provide. The hospital will cater to specific wildlife rehabilitation along with providing domestic animal care.  

The primary objective of this venture is to provide training and certification in animal care, treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation.   

This hospital will have specific departments for dental, eye, liver, and kidney treatment for animals. Critical cases requiring blood transfusions will be managed here as well. Policies and principles around amputations and euthanasia will be according to VSPCA values, and we will ensure that no animal will suffer limb losses or be put to sleep unless the situation is beyond hope.  

People with pedigreed or bred pets who visit our hospital will be charged similar fees as in neighbouring animal hospitals, whereas people with Indian street dogs as pets will not be charged any fees.  

After being in operation for two years, we forecast  a revenue of INR 10 lakhs per month and these funds will go towards maintaining the hospital and expanding its services. 

Two vets from Dr. Sunil’s team will be inducted into VSPCA’s Board. One of them will take on the responsibility as Chief Veterinarian to monitor the processes and procedures in this hospital. Additionally, two trained vets will be on-call at the hospital at all times in case of emergencies

An ICU zone will be an essential part of the facility. A separate wash-facility will be built to accommodate the cleaning of animals as is needed. Street animals coming from outside will be mandatorily given a shampoo bath and skin medication to remove bacteria and germs that they may be carrying.  

The VSPCA Board has met to pass the resolution for this Multi-Speciality Animal Hospital.  

The budget for this project is INR 4 crores. The initial investment was funded by Dr. Sunil and his organisation, and they will cover payment of their vets working here.  As we break even, VSPCA can use the profits to improve or expand these services.  

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