VSPCA’s Tips for Helping Animals Survive the Heat

VSPCA’s Tips for Helping Animals Survive the Heat

In our last post, we talked about the efforts VSPCA is taking to ensure that all animals have access to shade, water and food during this summer season. Here are some tips of our tips that our readers, well-wishers, donors, volunteers and community members can do to help animals:

  1. Keep bowls of cool water outside for all animals, including dogs, cats, cattle and birds. Please refresh all water containers so that the animals have access to clean water at all times. 
  2. Talk to your building security and request if they can let the neighbourhood stray animals come inside and rest under the shade 
  3. If possible, give animals a treat or keep food outside for them 
  4. If you find an animal exhibiting symptoms of heat exhaustion such as laboured breathing or abnormal head movements, please pour lots of room temperature water on the animal’s body to cool them down and try to call the nearest animal shelter or veterinarian 
  5. If you have pets, please never leave them locked in a parked car as the temperature inside a car can rapidly increase even if it is kept under a shade and your pet can die within minutes of a heat stroke 
  6. Spray cold water on animals’ bodies to keep them cool and ensure that they have access to shade and water to rest 

The summer season is difficult for all living beings  Please let us take necessary steps to help all those vulnerable to beat the summer heat. 

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