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It is VSPCA's 25th birthday!

Twenty-five years ago, in 1996, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath recognized that biodiversity is an essential aspect of human survival. With this in mind, he had a vision to found a non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining animal and plant life in Visakhapatnam. Thus, Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals (or VSPCA) was born. It was formally registered as a non-profit organization on July 20, 1996. 

VSPCA started its work with a focus on eliminating animal cruelty and tending to the pain and suffering of every individual animal in Vizag. Mr. Nath strongly believes that every animal is a core animal in the community. He believes that domesticated animals such as dogs, cats, and cattle are deeply invested in us for our well-being. Therefore, we must be deeply invested in theirs. So, he started his work with dogs in the city, giving them access to basic living amenities such as food, water, shelter, and medical treatment.  The welfare and well-being of all animals in distress everywhere mattered to VSPCA.   

Mr. Nath observed that sea turtles coming to the shores of Pudimadaka beach were struggling with injuries and finding nesting sites.  Predators, including human poachers and stray dogs, were waiting to snatch their eggs or their bodies for meat. So, Mr. Nath recognized the need to intervene and help conserve the sea turtle population. A keen eye and emotion in the right place led to the formation of the  Sea Turtle Conservation Program. Mr. Nath has a very unique way of connecting animal welfare and the community. 

Today, VSPCA is an international non-profit organization and we have implemented several projects dedicated to not only animal welfare but also supporting the local community and the environment. Some of these projects include Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Conservation, Cattle Respect Programme, Animal Birth Control Programme, and Kindness Mobile Restaurant Programme. Among these achievements, we have also won some legal battles such as successfully banning coloured plastic bags in Visakhapatnam and convicted offenders who were involved in an illegal cattle slaughterhouse in Bhimili. 

Through our work, we have also been successful in changing the mindset of the community in regard to biodiversity conservation. People of the community have more compassion towards all living things. VSPCA has become a household name for any inquiries or complaints about injured or abandoned animals, meals for the poor, planting trees at our shelters, etc. We also have the support of Governmental Departments of India such as Animal Husbandry Department of Visakhapatnam, Forest Department, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation, and NTPC Thermal Energy Company of Visakhapatnam.

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Reduced human-animal conflict.

The pandemic and the lockdowns imposed by the government due to the deadly second wave have both, pros and cons, for the blameless street animals. With no traffic and less disturbance, they lie relaxed on the same streets. Below, you can see pictures of these community animals relaxing and enjoying the hot weather outside our organization’s main gate.  The city’s animals exhibit their natural selves during lockdowns and curfews. 

Another hidden benefit of imposed lockdowns is reduced human-animal conflict. Pre lockdown, there was much more human-animal interaction. As a result, VSPCA was a witness to more human-dog conflicts, especially from those animals that nobody took care of. Increasing man-made developments result in the destruction of animal habitats forcing animals to adapt to city life in ways that are unhealthy for them, as well as for humans. As we undergo urbanization, we must think about the animals that were already residing in these areas. This is the reason why VSPCA works in cities with dogs. Only when people are compassionate towards dogs, will they begin to notice the various species of animals that come into the cities. Whenever there is a human-animal conflict, the human is always given priority, and the animal is either disposed of, ill-treated, or neglected. This actually leads to more problems for humans and non-human animals alike.

Neglecting animals in cities can pose a huge risk for humans. There is a higher risk of zoonotic diseases spreading. Taking care of all species that make up the biodiversity in cities, is a human obligation and a need. Due to this reason, among many others, our founder Pradeep Kumar Nath, spearheaded the Mobile Ambulance Camp Programme.

Earlier this year, we started this programme so that we could bring our services to all those animals across the city who may need our help. With this programme, we wanted to achieve these goals:

  • On the spot treatments for mange, stomach issues, deworming, and injuries.

  • Surveying the entire area of five kilometers radius for old, disabled, and/or blind animals who require permanent sheltering.

  • Picking up dogs to provide them with spay-neuter surgeries.

  • Providing training and education to the people of the area about our objectives. 

At VSPCA, we strive to take the utmost care of all animals under our care. We regularly monitor our feeding stations, ensure all animals’ vaccinations are up to date and, rabies vaccines are administered regularly. As a result of these consistent efforts, we are seeing an evidential decrease in zoonotic diseases. VSPCA’s aim is for all living beings, humans and animals, to live harmoniously within a community.

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A tribute to our unsung heros!

VSPCA would like to highlight those who are making a huge difference in their efforts to help all animals in distress.  In this newsletter, we shine the light on the amazing powerhouses- Dr. Rajeshwar, Sarada Madam, and Mr. Rajshekhar.

Dr. Rajeshwar has been a veterinarian with VSPCA for over 12 years, silently dedicating his life to the welfare of all animals, wild and domesticated.  He is the chief veterinarian to all the animals residing in Shelter 1 and travels to take care of over 800 animals residing in our Kindness Farm.  He takes care of all the animals who are in the emergency care in Shelter 1, as well as taking the lead in spaying and neutering the street animals. To date, he has performed over 93,000 spay-neuters to dogs and has recently taken charge of spaying and neutering the hundreds of cats at the Shelter and Farm. On average, he is in charge of  1100 different animals and he attends to all emergencies.  When an animal needs him, he is always present to help them.  

He is a genuine hero who has been tested under extremely difficult conditions and VSPCA will forever be indebted to him.  Thank you Dr. Rajeshwar for your lifetime of dedicated service to the natural world!

Ms. B. Sarada who is VSPCA’s shelter manager for VSPCA Shelter 1 is an amazing superwoman leading from the front is. She primarily helps with the rehabilitation of the animals as they require constant monitoring. Ms. Sarada, apart from taking care of the many animals residing in Shelter 1, is committed to our Animal Birth Control Program for street dogs and cats. She also attends to the emergency rescues, especially the ones who are critical.  

Ms. Sarada loves animals deeply. The primates at VSPCA can be ferocious and pose a danger to humans; however, Sarada has developed a deep bond with them. They choose and eat food from her lunch box every day, and similarly, she has developed a profound rapport with the parrots, the cattle, the cats, and even the star tortoises who recognize her when she is in their enclosure!  Ms. Sarada brings home animals that cannot be left alone when they are new to the shelter.  It requires her to stay up all night in their care – especially when they are injured. Her bond with animals has evolved over the years and VSPCA owes her a debt of gratitude. 

Mr. JVVS Rajshekhar is a sanctuary manager at VSPCA’s “Kindness Farm,” located in rural Visakhapatnam at Kuruvada. Kindness Farm, or Farm, caters to the needs and services of all animal biodiversity residing within a 50-kilometer radius. Helping out at the Farm, there are 27 animal helpers, two watchmen, a primary veterinarian, and Mr. Rajshekhar, the sanctuary manager. 

Mr. Rajshekhar has been with VSPCA for about two and a half decades.  Like all our animal warriors, his work is a labor of love.  He manages all the animals, their needs and well-being, their facilities, feeding, and maintenance. He works hard to teach all the staff the skills of sanctuary management, growing food on the Farm, managing the crops amongst forest trees (agroforestry to attract more wildlife), and efficient energy management.  At the Farm, he handles bio-gas, vermicompost, fertilizer and ground cleaner production, and soil health.  Mr. Rajshekhar is overseeing the construction of two unique projects for the benefit of the whole region – the “Rain Water Harvesting Project”,  and the “Dog Park,” which will be of benefit to the city and rural Visakhpatnam.

At VSPCA, we are determined in our efforts to take care of the animals in our shelters, as well as in the surrounding areas even if it means risking our lives to do so. There are many challenges and risks involved for those working at our shelters, but we try to take all preventive measures.

Even during these challenging times, we have the support of these benevolent people who have helped maintain the necessary COVID-19 precautions, pre-planning with storing food and medical supplies and taking preventive measures. They have worked day and night to make sure that the feral and Farm animals are taken care of when nobody else has any time for them.

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Dog Park at Kindness Farm.

VSPCA’s Dog Park is the first of its kind not only in India but in the whole world! Located in Kindness Farm, this project is currently under construction.  The plan is to build 50 kennels for abandoned dogs from across the city of Visakhapatnam. These dogs are abandoned pedigrees, the Indian pariah, and other mixed breeds.  This unique Dog Park, or The Park, spans 1.5 acres. During the first phase, The Park will have 21 “Dog Bungalows” and eight swimming pools, the construction of which have already begun. We have also started plating 500 fast-growing tree species at The Park.

The most important aspect of The Park is that it is a model for smart cities and urban regions. Along with that, it is to demonstrate to the Andhra Pradesh Government that such spaces if included in urban planning, in every five-kilometer-stretch in cities, can be interaction centers between dogs and humans. This will thereby reduce conflict and increase compassion for street animals.  

If we do not want domesticated and/or street animals to roam the roads, then we must make such arrangements.  Dogs are everywhere, in every city in the world and in every countryside! Having dogs only as pets will not suffice, as humans often abandon their pets when they cannot provide the necessary care. As a result, all neglected animals have no choice but to end up on the roads and being labeled as “vermin animals” which is not fair to them.

In the Dog Park, all rescued dogs will have access to clean water, nutritious food, and shelter accompanied with lots of love and care. Over here, they will not have to scrounge for food, nor do they have to worry about their safety or their care if they come in as pups. Since VSPCA is a “no cruelty” shelter and breeding of animals under VSPCA’s care is strictly prohibited, the rescued dogs will be provided with spay-neuter surgeries. Please take a look at VSPCA’s breeding policy

Our goal is to have 100 Dog Bungalows of different shapes and sizes at The Park. Each bungalow costs approximately INR 20,000 (USD 270) to construct. Beyond the funds, VSPCA believes that the message this project carries is profoundly important to the human and urban worlds! 

In the photos below, we are proudly sharing some sneak peeks of this delightful facility, and we will be sure to keep our valuable readers informed of its progress.

To achieve this vision, we, at VSPCA, are humbly making an appeal to our well-wishers, donors, and patrons for economies of scale, to raise USD 25,000 more. These funds will help us to press on with the construction team, saving on high prices of materials due to inflation, containment zones in the city, increasing wage rates due to lockdown, and rising costs of taking care of the dogs residing at other facilities. 

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VSPCA was featured in the HOPE Issue by Cosmopolitan Magazine India!

We are proud to announce that VSPCA was featured in Cosmopolitan India Magazine for the month of June, in the HOPE Issue. We were featured as one of India’s Animal Crusaders making a difference for animals and humans during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As stated earlier, our work has had a significant impact on reduced human-animal conflict, as well as reduced risk of zoonotic diseases spreading due to taking care of ALL street dogs in Visakhapatnam. 

During the statewide lockdowns, the government’s Dog Protection Project that span across the city was placed under a moratorium, thus increasing VSPCA’s role in providing service to animals across the city. During the pandemic, our work did not decrease, nor could we afford to work from home. Very quickly, we realized that the imposed lockdowns were going to be difficult on the street animals as well. So, taking every Covid-19 precaution set out by the government, our dedicated staff and board members implemented various approaches on how to continue with our work without jeopardizing our health. People from all across the city continued to reach out to VSPCA to take care of all dogs, cats, cattle, and donkeys who were in distress, accidents, and/or under varying degrees of emergencies.

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With the digital world constantly evolving, we, too, are trying to evolve with it. On our Instagram page, @vspca_vizag, we have created an FAQ highlight. This details out information about whom to contact for animal emergencies, whom to contact for volunteer or job opportunities, how to donate or sponsor an animal, and how to adopt an animal. All the information can also be found on our website. You can also send us an email at or message us on our social media channels!

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Ms. Priya Tallam was featured by "The Gaia People" and by "Women of the Wild India"

Ms. Priya Tallam, VSPCA-USA and VSPCA-India’s Global Outlook Director,  was featured by “The Gaia People” on LinkedIn and by “Woman of the Wild India” on Instagram for VSPCA’s efforts in Wildlife Conservation.

  • Conservation isn’t about conserving only natural spaces.  It is about understanding the ecosystem services provided by a variety of species in an ecosystem and learning to conserve biodiversity.

  • It is profoundly important to think about wildlife conservation from the perspective of cities.  Urban sprawl, consumer culture, and settler colonialism destroy wildness, which is key to human and nonhuman health and wellbeing!     

  • Unless one develops compassion for animals in cities (e.g.: - passerine birds, liminal animals like primates foraging markets, migratory birds that travel to city ecosystems, and stray animals like feral cats and beach dogs), the citizens may simply not relate to their role in the destruction of wild places.


For these reasons, VSPCA is proud of this achievement.  It is a harder concept for people living in urban regions to internalize. 

Please note as this is of value to the residents of Visakhapatnam and to all working towards planetary health; VSPCA was chosen to represent the city of Visakhapatnam on the Biophilic Cities NetworkVSPCA (standing in for Visakhapatnam) is in the cohort of megacities in the world such as Singapore, Portland, and San Francisco, to share our views of the crucial role of animal welfare NGOs in city environments. 


The Biophilic Cities Network selected VSPCA to be one of their partners among 23 cities of the world because of VSPCA's Dog Protection Program's successes


Please review VSPCA’s work in Sea Turtle Conservation in the Biophilic Cities Journal


Please help VSPCA leave a strong legacy by donating kindly, to make VSPCA’s programs in Visakhapatnam richer, fuller, stronger, AND as models for the world, revealing how conservation is done in cities.   For VSPCA, it began with caring for Community Dogs. 

  • VSPCA is at the nexus of the sciences of Conservation Biology and Environmental Anthropology.

  • VSPCA is at the nexus of Indigenous Science and Modern Science.

  • VSPCA is at the nexus of animal culture and human culture.

  • VSPCA is at the nexus of conservation and animal welfare.


Please donate to maintain our momentum and growth and to help reverse climate change and help the planet heal. 


Finally, a quote to leave you with from Ms. Tallam, “Just act. Find ways to take small steps towards your goal. When you feel thwarted: read more and conduct your own research, diving deeper into a topic. Learn from animals, from the indigenous. Opportunities will open themselves to you.” 


Thank you!  

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