Dear family of well-wishers and supporters,

It is hard to believe that we have been helping the animals of our region with so many innovative programs for 16 years. We couldn't have acheived the kinds of successes discussed below without your very kind help, and we are so very grateful to each and every one of you.

Here are some of our practical and meaningful accomplishments:

  • Our 2nd shelter – The Kindness Farm – which caters to the needs of animals to the North East of our district as well neighboring districts.
  • The wonderful achievement of ZERO rabies in our area for the past 2 years. Our animal birth control project for over 80,000 dogs includes re-vaccination and monitoring.
  • Our “plastic cow” project continues and we hope for a favourable ruling from the court re: banning the destructive plastic bags which threaten our street animals. So far we have performed 150 life-saving cow surgeries!
  • Our sea turtle campaign is in its 16th year with over ½ million Olive Ridley Hatchlings released to-date into the Bay of Bengal.
  • Our regular horse camp continues to provide medical consulting and medicines to our region’s horse owners.
  • Vegan meals for the poorest of the poor and for those people who, even though they have nothing, love their companion animals, has completed its 3rd year with over 37,440 nutritious meals packets distributed.

This is not enough and just the beginning. We need you to be with us during this expansion and consolidation period. We have reached this far with your invaluable support. But, there is always so much to do and help as we expand, explore, investigate and uncover the varied cruelties in different areas.

As you know, we had an unfortunate setback recently with extreme rains and ongoing cyclone activity. Our emergency works continue with construction as we are raising the buildings at the Kindness Farm to prevent future flooding including new thatched huts for the safety of the cattle and improving the drainage as well as repairing other cattle sheds and the water tanks. At our original shelter we will take up rebuilding our aviary shortly when we can catch our breath! Our outreach programs have allowed us to visit affected areas within a 30km radius and so far we have vaccinated hundreds of animals for storm-related diseases. We will continue our outreach more vigorously once our shelter is more stable.

The onus of such huge responsibilities falls on us as VSPCA has the only animal welfare organization presence in this entire region that is active, dedicated and sincere in bringing lasting change for animal welfare. We look to 2013 with renewed energy and confidence with your benevolence.

On behalf of all of us at VSPCA, we send you good wishes for a very happy 2013.

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