VSPCA is recognized by Animal Welfare Board of India and the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests.

1. Olive Ridley sea turtle Conservation

  • Since the beginning of our project in 1996-97 to the year 2019-20, we have protected 9243 nests and 9,41,806 hatchlings were successfully released in the ocean. The number of nests is increasing every year and last year itself we protected  811 nests in our coastline.
  • Implementing community-based awareness and education programs in 24 fishing villages, with plans to reach out to even more.

2. Kindness Mobile Restaurant

This compassionate campaign received immense appreciation from across the world. Since the beginning of the programme in the year 2000, so far  1,06,680 packets of Vegan meals have been distributed to the poor abandoned people on the street sharing the warmth with the animals. Currently, we have 80 beneficiaries of V.S.P.C.A’s Kindness Mobile Restaurant Project.

3. Cattle Respect Programme

Rescuing cattle like a cow, buffaloes remain our largest effort with a specialized team with specialized materials and equipment including the vehicle and non the less to mention the facilities to look after them.

From illegal slaughterhouses 9556 animals
From illegal transportation 95,000 animals
Awareness camps

  433 areas

Simhachalam camps

80 times

Shandies (cattle market)

127 visits

Meetings with officials

75 related stakeholders

Villages visited

149 nos.

Districts covered

3 (Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram)

Farmers educated

9,258 nos.

Total animals rescued


Total adoption

9,855 re-homed

4. Migratory Birds

  • Spearheaded the formation of a joint committee, creating a cooperative relationship between the communities of the Telenelipuram district, police, and the Forest Department dedicated to protecting migratory birds from poachers and habitat destruction.
  • Since 2000 we continued helping Asian openbill storks, painted storks and 40 different kind of Indian species birds in telikunchi and telineelapuram of srikakulam district.
  • Our team had tough time saving the birds from the furious cyclones and providing emergency medical care but in spite of all the hurdles, we facilitated successful takeoff of 35,000 birds in both the villages of Srikakulam District.

Telineelapuram Bird Sanctuary:

  • Every year over 4000 painted stocks and open bill stokes visit from Siberia to these villages during September and stay till march apart from 113 different species of inland birds and other migrants birds from other states
  • The birds arrive in the month of October and after laying eggs and hatching them abide for seven months. They would fly back to their motherland in the month of May with their newborn ones.
  • The Telineelapuram and Nowpada swamps and its surroundings are a refuge for 113 bird species like Ringed plover, Kentish plover, Sand plover, Dunlin, Redshank, Grey heron etc..
  • If the birds fail to come for breeding villagers believe that harm will come to them and no harvesting for that year

Telikunchi Bird Sanctuary:

  • Every year over 10,000 Asian open billed storks and some other bird species visit from Asian countries to these villages from April to October
  • Due to the cyclone Phailin which destroyed the homes of several birds, leaving them to the mercy of Mother Nature. Our emergency rescue team was out for action the very next moment cyclone hit us.
  • We were supported by the medical team of vets and para vets from other parts of the state too. Emergency food and medication were made possible only with your support. The support facilitated the successful takeoff of 20,000 birds.

5. Animal Birth Control Programme For Street Dogs

1998 was a historic moment for all of us when the Andhra Pradesh High Court stopped the killing of Street Dogs to replaced by the humane Animal Birth Control. Since then we have covered more than 1,80,300 Street Dogs, including Anti Rabies Vaccination Stabilizing the dog population as well as earning the fastest achievement of reaching Zero Rabies in the city last 22 years.

  • We have also carried out Anti Rabies Vaccination camps in four major neighbouring districts namely east and the west Godavari, Vizianagaram and Visakhapatnam.
  • From 1998-2020 we have Sterilized more than 1,70,000 and Vaccinated and Revaccinated more than 1,50,000 dogs and counting.
  • This year (2020) we covered 6,342 dogs under Animal Birth Control Programme and thus the count reached to more than 1,90,000 dogs that are now operated since the beginning of the campaign in 1998-99.

VSPCA Statistical Data for ABC Programme

The below bar graph shows the number of dogs covered in each year under ABC programme. The total number of dogs covered between 1998-2019 are 1,01,460.

Animal Club Formation

Animal Club another major initiative of VSPCA came into existence in the Gajuwaka area of Visakhapatnam with the aim of spreading Animal Welfare and involving the maximum number of likeminded members to raise voice for our beloved beings.

6. Nagula Chavithi festival - Cobra rescue programme

  • The festival of Nagula Chavithi is the time for every Hindu to worship the cobras for prosperity and general auspiciousness and the devotees ignorant of the consequences to the cobras perform the rituals in hope of goodness. It took us almost 8 years to end the painful story of the cobras. But we cannot afford to be complacent about the safety of cobras and so our team is always out in action to ban the supply of cobras from outside or inside the city
  • With our awareness and education effort to the local people, the city witnessed zero cobra supply for the religious or entertainment purpose in last 7 years. This is our oldest campaign in liberating the cobras from cruelties which is now a success story of VSPCA.
  • In this programme, we rescued more than 793 cobras from snake hunters

7. Rescuing Parrots From Fake Fortune Tellers

Freeing of parrots from the clutches of the so-called fake “Astrologers” or “Fortune Tellers” has been one of our most dynamic achievements looking at the immense cruelties being harped on these helpless parrots snatched from their parents to cruel training and then the harsh business with fake humans—we began our relentless campaign to stop these cruelties whose Wings and Bones are clipped off making them permanently handicapped. They are kept in tiny cages hardly to move and develop Cage Diseases, Blindness, Leg Injuries, and without any care.

So far over 792 parrots were seized and after care were released. We continue to seize. Do awareness and help them? Our city today stands free of the cruel astrologers yet a few keep entering who are new and are not aware of our presence. We have a very special Aviary at Shelter – I. We need to develop a better one at Kindness Farm to helps other distress Birds like Owl, Eagles, Sparrows, Crows etc.

8. Rescues

  • Seized several parrots from the street astrologers.
  • Emergency rescue of 2000 abandoned Emu birds.
  • Cats rescued from the poachers trading cat meat in the market.
  • Ducks and endangered star tortoise seized from the sellers in the market.
  • Seized 68 endangered monitor lizards from poachers and turned them over to the zoo.
  • Have completely stopped the poaching of dolphins for human consumption and use as shark bait in greater Visakhapatnam.
  • Essentially dissolved the wildlife trade racket coming out of Anakapalle and Vizianagaram by seizing 143 stuffed squirrels and mongooses ready to be sold as toys, and intercepting almost 450 live parrots in a single raid.
  • Have stopped wildlife hunting (boars, hares, jungle cats, etc.) within our district.
  • Prevented the Bombay and Prabhat circuses from using lions, tigers, bears and panthers in their shows and handed the 24 lions over for rehabilitation.
  • Have significantly decreased the use of “fortune-telling” parrots on the beach and the open sale of wildlife meat in local markets with periodic raids.
  • Rehabilitate and release, whenever possible, injured and distressed wildlife such as mongooses, birds, squirrels, and snakes.

9. Legal Battles

  • Plastic bags: won a case banning coloured plastic bags in Visakhapatnam. Animals are more attracted to coloured bags than clear or white ones.
  • ABC: after 4 court appearances, finally got the municipality to accept our animal birth control program, instead of inhumane killing, as the way to handle the city’s stray dog problem.
  • Bhimili slaughterhouse: convicted offenders involved in an illegal cattle slaughterhouse in Bhimili.
  • Circus Animals: ensured the seizure of the abovementioned animals at the Bombay and Prabhat circuses, setting a future precedent.
  • Sea turtle conservation battles:
    • In constant battles with the Navy to prevent them from placing a submarine on the beach as a landmark, interfering with vital nesting grounds.
    • Prevented the city from expanding an existing highway through a beach where turtles come ashore. The city expanded the highway towards the land instead and we are now fighting to limit the construction of resorts along it.
    • Fighting the city to prevent sand mining on the beach, which makes the remaining sand in those areas unsuitable for breeding purposes.

10. Activities Inside the Shelter

  • In 2000, we were declared a model goshala(cow sanctuary) by the Animal Welfare Board of India. We have rescued over 9,556 cattle from slaughterhouses and inhumane transport conditions and currently care for approximately 600.
  • ABC (Animal Birth Control)- We have vaccinated, sterilised, and released approximately 1,05,994 dogs and 679 cats so far to control their stray populations.
  • Recently completed a cat surgical ward to allow the growth of their ABC program.
  • We have completed large enclosures for monkeys, endangered star tortoises, as well as an aviary.
  • We use a biogas plant to convert cow dung into electricity and gas for cooking.
  • Cow dung and urine are also used to produce completely natural fertilizers and pesticides to grow the plants and trees within our shelter.
  • Our shelter has received the highest sanitation grade given out to animal shelters in India.
  • We have excellent waste and water management systems for a shelter our size. A 30,000-litre septic tank handles the waste from our hundreds of resident animals. Rain- harvesting pits and onsite wells provide enormous amounts of water we use every day.

11. Memberships and Associations

  • In a unique mentoring partnership VSPCA was selected to be the “sister shelter” of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.
  • Founders of ASIA LINK, formed in 2000 in London.
  • Associate members of the RSPCA and WSPA.
  • Regularly invited to represent ourselves at important international animal welfare conferences.
  • One of only three members of the committee formed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, which conducts reports on the animal sacrifices that are running rampant through our state.
  • Our founder, Pradeep Nath, was selected by the Ministry of Environment and Forests as a member under the Zoo Committee working to increase the welfare of zoo animals.
  • Given permission by the Central Zoo Authority to assist in setting up the Large Animal Rescue Center in our city- one of only five in all of India.