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VSPCA relies on donations of all sizes from people all over the world. In these hard times with the virus, many humans are suffering and struggling. VSPCA is doing it’s best to help homeless humans. We also understand that if we continue to raze wild places and eradicate animals/plants/insects from ecosystems, we will be expediting humanity’s problems. It's why at VSPCA, we work through animals, plants, and habitats - primarily for humanity.

For a healthy humanity, a healthy Bay of Bengal region, and thereby a healthier planet, please support VSPCA

There are three ways to donate to VSPCA. (Please note that PayPal donations are not tax deductible. For Indian tax deductions please send by post or wire per below as per options 2 and 3 below. For USA tax deduction please see option 2 below.)

(Those in India can download our membership form here.)

URGENT! Within 24 hours, VSPCA with the support of ‘Network for Protection of Animals’ has saved over 300 animals, including many large mammals suffering from the horrendous gas leak. A word from our Founder Mr. Pradeep Kumar Styrene gas ruins Visakha!

1. Donate Online

The fastest and easiest way to donate is online via PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to donate, only a credit card.

How much would you like to donate?

A few examples: $15 pays for spay/neuter/vaccination for one cat or dog; $25 pays for one cow or cat protection patrol person for one week; $125 pays for one qualified veterinarian for one week.

Personal Info

Donation Total: $15.00

You might also consider sponsoring one of our shelter animals

2. Donate by Mail

You can send your check directly to the shelter in India (make the check out to “VSPCA”) at the below address — a receipt will be mailed back to you from India once it is received.

Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals
26-15-200, Main Road
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India 530-001

PAN NO. AAATV1603N (for Indian tax statements).

3. Donate by Wire transfer

When donating via wire transfer, please send us an email to let us know. This way we can watch for the incoming transfer and notify you when it has been received.

If sending from outside of India, wire to:

State Bank of India
Dwarakanagar Branch, Visakhapatnam, 530 016

A/C No: 10615619893
Bank Code: 3060
IIFC Code No: SBIN 0003060
Swift No: SBI NIN BB123 (State Bank of India, OverSeas Branch, Visakhapatnam)

Address: State Bank of India
Dwarakanagar Branch
Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India 530 016

If sending from within India, wire to:

State Bank of India
Maharanipeta Branch, Visakhapatnam, 530 002

A/C No: 10849854432
Bank Code: 754
IIFC Code No: SBIN 0000754

Address: State Bank of India
Maharanipeta branch
Collector office
Visakhapatnam, 530 002

PAN NO. AAATV1603N (for Indian tax statements).

Tax information for USA donations

P.O. BOX 94033
PALATINE, IL, 60094-4033

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4821022842

3261 Winding Vista Common
Fremont, CA 94539