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Anjali was a street performer, a servant of sorts. In India, many captured monkeys are expected to do just that: obey and perform. We must remember that however common they may be here, monkeys are not domestic animals. Far from a willing participant for her cruel captor, Anjali often refused to perform and became aggressive, baring her sharp teeth at the crowds. In retaliation, her owner removed many of her teeth – her main survival tools. This proved to be ineffective in getting Anjali to cooperate, so in a strange show of compassion, he took her to the zoo. Unfortunately, the zoo is not in the “welfare” business and doesn’t take in rescued animals. With our reputation as the leading local, grassroots animal welfare organization, the zoo referred the owner to us.

Monkeys are not easy to care for at the shelter. Their mental trauma is often so deep that they don’t know how to get along with each other, understandably mistrust our staff, and must be kept separate. But Pradeep was moved by Anjali’s story and convinced Sarada, who is like a mother to many of our monkeys, to accept one more orphaned monkey into our family. It is a dilemma faced by all those who rescue wildlife- release them into the wild where they would die for lack of proper survival skills or care for them for the remainder of their lives in confined and under less than ideal circumstances. All we can hope for is to provide Anjali and other mistreated wildlife with as much love and support as humanly possible.

See Anjali on YouTube.

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