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Rambha is a friendly and sociable female. She is small in stature but big in personality. When she sees you approaching she will greet you with her wet snout. If you place your hand out, she enjoys sniffing you all over.

Rambha was rescued from the side of the road near our animal shelter. Two of our staff members were travelling past when they heard shrieking noises. They pulled over to investigate and discovered Rambha tied up by all 4 legs. She had been bundled into a small vehicle and was about to be taken away for slaughter. She was frightened and miserable so our staff rescued her from the slaughterers. Instead of taking her to be slaughtered, our staff took her to our Kindness Farm where she is loved and respected.

She enjoys eating healthy meals and being treated with kindness and compassion by our staff. We need sponsorship to raise money for building the most suitable pig enclosures. Our Pig campaign will ideally continue to grow so we can build more enclosures and rescue more pigs from slaughter. One hut will cost approximately USD $5000. One generous donor has agreed to match any donations.

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