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[Sponsored by Kate Voelker until January 23rd, 2020!]

The kids in the streets love it: the Pomeranian. White and furry and beautiful, it’s the most popular playmate and showpiece among the lesser classes of India. Smoothie must have been one such loved darling albeit an abandoned one by some poor family who couldn’t take care of him when he contracted a severe case of mange. He was found on the highway, disoriented and depressed, unable to sniff his way back home. He’s now recovered quite magnificently at the VSPCA shelter as you can see. He loves lazing around with his new friends and running around VSPCA staff for treats.

There are many cases of abandoned Poms at the shelter. We really hope that our continuing efforts in educating less-aware pet owners in this city will put a stop to more such occurrences.

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