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Sotta’s near-tragedy and stunning recovery demonstrate the progress that can be achieved when good people cooperate towards the goal of helping animals who are threatened simply living in a world that often seems made for humans. Sotta was run-over by a vehicle in the congested streets of Vizag, leaving her with a badly broken leg. A kindhearted student found her and phoned us. Coincidentally, Bosmat Galour highly-skilled consultant vet, who is sponsored by Animal Rescue League of Boston to work in India, was at the facility and oversaw Sotta’s care.

Through a careful rehabilitation program involving repeated tranquilization and redressing of her plasters, Sotta made a full recovery over the period from September 2008 thru early 2009. The cost of medical supplies, food, and the salaries of our staff and local vets — however meagre they may seem by Western standards — add up quickly as we continue to carry out our mission.

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