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Three Brothers: Visakha, Valley, and School

If the welfare of animals is going to improve, everyone in society must do their part, however small it may seem. Take Aravaind for example. He is a student at Visakha Valley School. Playing in the schoolyard one day, he heard cries coming from a dumpster. Inside were three kittens. Of all the possible things a child in his position could have done, many of them not so pleasant, he called his mother. She, in turn, rang us up and we found that the kittens probably hadn’t eaten for a couple of days. We are grateful to Aravind and other children who have contributed to our efforts over the years. It just goes to show that everyone should be held accountable for the wellbeing of animals, and the educational programs we are trying to develop should go a long way towards spreading our message of compassion.

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