To all of our supporters, well-wishers and friends near and far,

Do you ever wonder what happens to the hundreds of animals on the street when they cannot find even water to quench their thirst? Do you feel their suffering?

In India, the temperature from April to November hovers between 105º - 109º Fahrenheit with humidity of 95-100%, day after day, which is the worst case scenario for all kinds of animals on the street. The situation causes trouble to the lives of human beings as well when they face the aggressive behavior of suffering animals.

We refer this emergency appeal towards immediate minimum support to overcome the urgency that is required to save and protect the animals from imminent heat stroke in both the shelters and on the street. In the shelter despite all our greenery and "cooling measures" there is much more required because of the many more animals and birds under our care in these recent months.

We call for your support for this particular menacing problem.

One of our dogs in the shelter plunged into water when the temperature reached 108 Fahrenheit degrees!

Current support needed in shelter:

  • Sheds for another 150 cattle who currently have no shed and arebraving the heat – $6000
  • Bedding material to place prior to building new sheds – $1500
  • More water facilities (sprinklers, water tanks and storages) – $2300
  • Minerals and rehydration – $200

NetAP Switzerland has accepted to help with $6000 provided we raise equivalent $6000. This is a challenge for the very survival of the species in trouble.

Water Bowls for Street Animals

We cannot be more happy for our homeless friends when we finally succeeded in the fight for their rights. After vigorous work for 2 years, our municipality in their Monitoring Committee finally agreed to let us place water bowls in the street corners.

GVMC, VSPCA join hands for water bowl project for animals

Now, in a humanitarian gesture towards street dogs and cattle, the city-based animal welfare NGO Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals (VSPCA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) to launch a water bowl project for animals for the first time in the city.

This is going to be a major step towards the welfare of the street animals who are least concerned by the society. We are working towards this very potential project as an addition to our One Stop Feeding Station programme. We always believed that along with the extensive ABC programme in the city we must also include food and water facility for the strays in summer. Leaving the spayed/neutered dogs in the street only to face heat stroke is not the result we want!

How can you contribute:

  • Join the club of volunteers to undertake a bowl project in your respective area.
  • Donate for the cause – your $40 will help in manufacturing and fixing of one bowl in the street quenching the thirst of street animals.

Help Animals India will match any $20 donation to make $40 for one of the 200 new water bowls!

Gas Explosion on 27th June

The tragedy happened with a leaked gas pipeline explosion which transformed into gigantic flames, scorching houses, coconut palms and everything else in range of the explosion. This happened 240kms from the urban Visakha in East Godavari District of Nagaram Village - hundreds of acres of agricultural fields and trees were destroyed, engulfing many bird species living in those trees and several land animals.

The accident took the lives of 21 people, but the animals that were left behind to die were of the least concern for the government. 9 buffaloes died and 2 are in serious situation. Many cats and dogs escaped but the cattle tied with ropes couldn't run for their lives and were burnt severely. Our emergency medical team rushed on the spot, but along with all our potential attempts we hoped for the miracle as many of them were burnt in extreme conditions. For better treatment we shifted them to our shelter 1 where our vets are giving them the best treatment they can give in order to make them survive. After stable medical conditions we wish to shift them to our Kindness farm for long term treatment.

This is the time where we need your support the most. Extend your helping hand to give them the life they deserve.

Sponsor our newest residents

Meet Rambha and Sambha - our new darling pigs just rescued moments from a cruel and certain fate of slaughter by cruel means!

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