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Help Animals India works very hard to raise funds for VSPCA. With the contest below we have a decent chance of winning $10,000 with YOUR VOTE. Even if we don’t “win” we will get India’s animals in the limelight with your vote and don’t India’s animals and VSPCA’s programs deserve more international help and respect?

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Weather Challenges

Now our area, like other parts of the world, is having weather challenges. We go from drought to too much rain. It has has been raining very hard now for over a month, and the rest of September is forecast likewise. Waterlogging everywhere. Because our Kindness Farm is new we do not yet have proper (costly) drainage, and it is hard for us to see the poor large animals unable to lie down and get proper sleep due to the wet.

Cows at our Kindness Farm

Cows standing on the waterlogged ground at our new Kindness Farm

Our first shelter has better drainage but is very overcrowded, and still, the weather hampers our work. Our only consolation is that the water buffaloes are enjoying the mud, and water is now filled up for their pond. What a joy to provide those who were facing torturous conditions and eminent slaughter not so long ago a happy pond and their freedom.

Feeding our homeless animal friends

Did you know that VSPCA feeds the area street dogs and cats?

Every day for many years Founder/President Pradeep Nath, his family and now the volunteers at VSPCA feed the street animals. Over 95 mostly dogs and some cats are fed daily. Now due to the heavy rain and a small cyclone, the streets are flooded – but this goes on nonetheless.

The dogs and cats know the sound of the bell of the motorbike or the sound of the car, and they all come out from their hideaways. The community also knows the dogs and if something is wrong with any of them they will inform us.

Feeding the dogs no matter where they are

Feeding the dogs no matter where they are

A network of informants with a heart for the animals is now spread all over the city. But this was not always the case. In the past, some wanted to see them killed but awareness programs have led to a more positive way of thinking about the poor homeless animals and after all these years there is more support for what we do. Additionally, we have our “Kindness mobile restaurant” program or “vegan meals for the poorest of the poor” where we feed the homeless along with their companion animals.

All of the animals we feed all over the city are spayed/neutered and most of them are older. But as long as they live, they will be fed by VSPCA. And this will happen every day no matter the weather with all of our care and love.

With all of these challenging situations, we still continue with rescue and animal birth control projects every day. We are very grateful for your ongoing and critically needed support.

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