Dear well-wisher and supporters,

It is hard to believe that we have been helping the animals of our region with so many innovative programs for 18 years. We could not have achieved the kinds of successes discussed below without your very kind help, and we are so very grateful to you.

We look forward to your support this holiday season. Please remember us before year-end! You can also individually sponsor one of our 1800 rescued angels.

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved friend and patron, Mrs. Olive Walker. Her generosity and warmth made a big difference to the lives of thousands of animals. We will sorely miss her and will perpetuate her memory.

Update on the aftermath of the HUDHUD cyclone

The real challenge lies after the cyclone has passed affecting millions of both humans and animals of all types. The government and the local authority have with support from neighboring areas and States have been doing an extremely good effort but only for the humans.

Above and below: some of the shelter damage as a result of the cyclone.

For all the animals and the environment the onus of responsibility was squarely upon us. In this aspect we have been left alone. Even after 2 months the scars can be visibly observed amongst the animals on the streets. Our team continues to move systematically everyday into the different difficult terrains to look for the animals and birds lying in distress and it is surprising to see the fighting nature of the species just to stay alive. There are many heart rending stories which we have been regularly posting on our Facebook page. Therefore we feel that our outreach help to the street animals should continue until we are totally satisfied that all animals have been covered. These outreach efforts are in addition to the emergency rescues and restoration works to both our major shelters which have been very greatly damaged beyond recognition.

But, we have not lost heart. We are very deeply dedicated and committed to continue and move ahead to help the animals of our shelters as well as animals in the outer region. Every disaster always brings something good and evolves. We have had support from our neighbouring areas and unstinted cooperation and help from the international supporters. This kind of support for the animals bring to the fore that the animal family is big and together we can bring a change. This support has also given us full confidence to do our best and to bring back the happy times so can bury the sorrows.

This cooperation has also given us the hope and an outside chance to restore within 3 months time. The damage has been huge, the scars have been deeper but your support and blessing has allowed us to lead a stronger and a better VSPCA. We assure that we are going to come out stronger in all aspects and will in entire region to provide as many help as possible to all kind of animals in distress under any difficult situation.

Some of the major accomplishments this year

1. Sea Turtle Protection

The arrival of sea turtles have increased by 20%: more than 34000 hatchlings released into the sea after the successful efforts made by the entire Sea Turtle Protection Force Team.

2. Vegan meals for the poor

We did not miss out even during the cyclone. Distribution of 37,444 packets of nutritious vegan meals took place this year along with the distribution of utensils and winter rugs. We ensured that they all received their food on the day of the cyclone and afterwards. Special thanks to A Well-Fed World!

3. Dr. Paw programme

We visited 4 physically impaired Institutions, covering more than 400 beneficiaries Including mentally challenged, physically handicapped, vision impaired and elders where the message of kindness and compassion was spread among everyone.

4. Plastic Cow Project

This very sensitive programme has received a major boost in the third hearing in the Supreme Court, Chaired by The Chief Justice of India who was very emphatic on the welfare of the animals especially the cows with regard to the plastic bags contamination and their total misuse. We are very positive of a final judgment that will save India from this environmental menace and save many animal lives.

5. Animal Birth Control Programme in the city

We achieved the target of Zero rabies once again and more than 6,484 dogs were covered under ABC operations. In order to maintain and increase the territory to cover more areas and street dogs we have decided to provide revaccinations to 70,000 dogs and to cover more areas in the rural. The awareness is now one of our major components in this programme. Even though there are some hiccups yet we are on a revolutionary path in this project.

6. Cat Protection Programme

Along with the NetAP we have founded the CPP ably supported by Help Animals India to provide a comprehensive package and play a role model to all with regard to protection of street cats who faces an uncertain life.

7. Dog Protection Programme

Similarly a Dog Protection Programme is founded by the NetAP and ably supported by Help Animals India. This programme is also a part of our effort to cover all aspects of providing safe life for the street dogs of this region. This is intended to gradually cover everywhere.

8. Nagachaviti festival

No live snakes brought to the city during Nagachaviti festival and it was very important to note that there are number of snake temples which have come up in the city and this is a good and meaningful transformation from praying to a live snake to a temple with an idol.

9. Simhachalam calves

This is the second year since we have successfully been able to stop the auctioning of male calves donated by the devotees to the temple. These calves which used to go to the slaughter houses, through our efforts we have been able to drastically reduce their numbers donated to the temple. We will continue with our efforts and emphasize on our goal to bring down to zero donations.

10. Wetland Protection

As every year our saving and protection of migratory bird have continued, supported fully by Winsome Constance Kindness trust, Australia. Every year we continue to improve the level of protection for these birds and this year we have been able to provide more nets and other equipments to render more support for the birds. Precautionary measure taken place to help these birds during severe cyclone.

Please contribute generously and give us your special support during this critical time. We assure you that any donation will be wisely used and go very far in relieving the suffering of animals in distress. Kindly consider giving a small gift to these loving beings. Start your New Year with the joy of sharing happiness.

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