We wish you Happy Holidays and a very auspicious and prosperous New Year with compassion for all!

Seasons Greetings

600 Pigs Rescued


Recently, of all the many varied emergency rescues that we attended, we are happy to share with you that we stopped the local authorities from shooting around 600 pigs in the dumping yard. We emphasized to them the need for a more humanitarian legal solution. For now we are successful and we are closely monitoring the situation and looking to long term solutions for the pigs’ welfare.

Help build our new cat shelter

FaithOur matching fund for the new VSPCA cat shelter is still on, and we need to reach our target of $2500 (we currently have $2000), which will be doubled to $5000 by Help Animals India. Won’t you help us with any amount, as just another $500 needs to be donated to meet our target? This will help save many more cats such as the sweet blind cat “Faith” from the mean streets of India. (If you need USA tax deduction it can be sent through Help Animals India – see link on VSPCA donation page and designate your kind donation for VSPCA.)

We have also completed the construction of our two new additional cat rooms to accommodate more cats in distress and for saving the street cats from the clutches of the cat hunters (which we detailed in our last report). Please see our existing cat shelter, and many photos of our rescues on VSPCA’s Facebook page.

VSPCA ambulanceVSPCA has been working very hard to provide a high quality shelter for the sick, abandoned and injured animals. Besides ABC (animal birth control) at the shelter, we also offer a modest out patient department with 24/7 emergency and mobile ambulance. The current shelter cares for over 1200 individual animals, serving three districts.

New Kindness Farm

VSPCA entranceNow we are pleased to take this opportunity to inform you of the opening of our Kindness Farm/shelter about 52 kms from our present overcrowded shelter. There was always the most urgent need to have more space as our works have spread, and being the most active in this region the responsibilities have fallen on us to take care of many more areas in this coastal region. Our Kindness Farm is being developed as a place where living beings can take refuge and seek happiness and comfort and where kindness is promoted.

In the first phase we are transferring 300 cattle, four horses and 34 buffaloes. Finally the buffaloes will have a pond! We have already sown more than 40,000 plants and trees for the benefit of the animals and for self-sustenance in the future. We have also started to grow the vegetables organically that will be cooked for the animals and our staff within the place known as Kindness Kitchen. Remember, VSPCA employs many poor people from the surrounding areas. Of course besides all of these we prepare strongly for our upcoming Sea Turtle protection season.

Despite all difficult world conditions VSPCA has existed and grown against all odds since 1996. We hope you will join us and help us with a donation so that we can be free from debt in 2012. We are extremely grateful to all who help us in this international effort to spread kindness and compassion.

In gratitude to all and to all our very best wishes,

Pradeep Kumar Nath,
Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals

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