Project KITTU – Small Water Bowls

Project KITTU – Small Water Bowls

VSPCA and the residents of Visakhpatnam got together in this pandemic to plan and kick-off a “small water bowl” project, which they named “PROJECT KITTU” in honour of little community animals.   An event on August 10 2020, marked the kick-off and is cause for celebration!!



Street animals are a part of our urban fabric.  Humans have bred and brought these animals into our civilized lives.  We owe it to all street animals to provide them with this basic need – drinking water

Climate change is heating up the planet.  Water sources everywhere are drying up.




This event emphasized the importance of providing drinking water regularly to street animals, which includes birds.  The residents, mainly students of the IIAM, the Integral Institute of Advanced Management, love animals.  The students showed great compassion.  They chose small bowls that they can afford, distribute and place at street corners all over Visakhapatnam, and fill and clean regularly.  Since the event, the students have continued filling up and cleaning these bowls of water, everywhere in their communities. 




Our lady volunteer took charge and brought together students from IIAM and residents of several communities in Visakhapatnam, to inaugurate the project and build solidarity.  She works with many community residents on these water bowls, feeding of dogs, awareness of animal protection and care and also more complex issues of treatment and cruelty to animals.



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