Dear family of well-wishers and supporters,

We'd like to take a few minutes to share with you some of our recent positive, successful activities.

1. Zero Rabies

Our city of Visakhapatnam has reached Zero Rabies in the past 2 years. Our constant and persuasive efforts have resulted in positive progress. Reaching an average of 90% community dogs with continual revaccination, and monitoring, we also plan to cover the rural areas with more villages in the coming years.

2. Plastic Cow Campaign

VSPCA has begun the long and arduous task of removing plastic from cows by surgery which is complicated but necessary under emergency conditions. Many of our rescued cows have come to us full of life-threatening plastic which they have consumed from their life eating trash on the Indian streets. We are not only performing surgeries on our own rescued cows but also joining others in a battle in the Supreme Court for banning the plastic bag throughout India!

One of our many successful surgeries, this sweet cow previously was suffering from all this plastic which was inside of her.

3. Sea Turtle Campaign - Kindness Ocean

Pur Sea Turtle Campaign has reached its 16th Year and 565,245 Olive Ridley hatchlings have been released into the Bay of Bengal. Encouraged by this very successful campaign, our state of the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department have given permission for us to expand to the state of Orissa in the north.

4. VSPCA's Kindness Farm

One of the major efforts last year has been the opening launching of Kindness farm shelter – our second shelter for hundreds of animals. Three months ago we were hit by Cyclone “Nilam” and we are so grateful to everyone who has helped us rebuild and now are becoming stronger than before!

5. Cattle Respect Programme India

Our new campaign against illegal cattle transportation. We are providing and creating extensive awareness to the farmers and to represent to all concerned departments to stop all cruelties which are against the law. Already we have had a successful ruling against the “donations” to the Temple in our city of the unwanted male calves in our city who were ruthlessly then sold to slaughter. This was an unrighteous activity and now a major positive achievement and will save the lives of many cows in the near future.

6. Our Kindness Mobile Restaurant

Providing vegan lunch for the poorest of the poor having compassion animals has completed the 3rd year. We have provided and distributed 37,440 nutritious meals packets to the beneficiaries with the kind support of compassionate people such as you!

7. Horse Camp

Our regular horse camp providing all medical needs continue for our area’s horses. More horse “owners” are coming as they now respect the importance for better horse care and we are seeing less distressed horses on the streets of our city.

8. Adoption Team

We are actively visiting different neighborhoods in teams with our mobile ambulance to ask and counsel people to adopt a Native Indian puppy (our community dogs). We distribute flyers and bring adoptable pups to be shown to them. In this manner we can also give medical care on the spot and catch any dogs needing treatment or ABC (animal birth control).

9. Our Other Major Efforts

Besides our regular emergency rescues, we continue to progress with the Wetland protection – Kindness Skies, 170km north of us - protecting the migratory birds and 41 other Indian bird species from poachers and development.

Please try and remember our area's animals, we are counting on your support! Please consider being a regular monthly donor to take part in these positive activities with any small amount! We are certainly working as hard as we can to turn the tide in favor of nature for a more livable world for both humans and animals.

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