Dear Friends, Supporters and Well Wishers 

Our best wishes to all worldwide in these turbulent, challenging and exciting times. While we don’t always have a chance to update you, please know that our daily work to save the animals in our area, and to influence and help the people helping the animals goes on each and every day. It is our greatest joy to provide assistance to as many people as we can who struggle to help the suffering animals.

We are extremely grateful to all who have helped recently as we are now out of a dire emergency, but still in debt, so everyone’s contribution is needed now as much as ever. We appeal to all who believe in our vision to kindly help us with operating expenses for our day to day activities.

We don’t like to share gruesome photos with you of our rescues so here is one of our success stories – the sweetest dog in the world, Tivity, before and after:

Tivity before Tivity after
Before: found on the roadside with bleeding tumour. After: our animal birth control program for street dogs is stronger than ever.

So far in 2012 we have done spay/neuter/rabies vaccination for 7000 dogs (5000 in urban and 2000 in rural). We are concentrating on females, revaccinating for rabies, teaching awareness about the community/street dogs and bringing 32 panchayats (areas) and two corporations into a ZERO rabies situation.

VSPCA spay/neuter worker

In the coming years, we plan to spread into another 2000 villages (including six tribal areas) teaching animal welfare as well. We have discovered from recent statistics that more dog bite victims are now coming from peoples’ pet dogs, which clearly indicate the serious contribution and complete mismanagement of dog breeder, sellers and owners of a booming industry. So we have our work cut out for us in continuing the promotion of adoption of Indian native breed dogs and promotion of vaccination for all street and pet dogs.

We appeal to all donors to help us gain even more ground (it takes only $12 to spay/neuter/rabies vaccinate a community dog) and as we expand the activities that we already do with our partners: The Greater Good Organization (click every day on the Animal Rescue Site); the Mayhew International Animal HomeNet Ap, and our very own Help Animals India (through which USA donors can receive tax-deductible donations).

Lakshmi and her calf

Here is sweet Lakshmi, who was left under the Madhurawada bridge without anybody’s notice with severe bruises to her body and injuries to her front leg. However, one kind-hearted person out of thousands reported the situation to us and we immediately bought her to our shelter – shown here with her new calf (also named Lakshmi).

Read the full story, then see the after photos and story here.

It has been a hot spring and very difficult to work in. People faint from the heat and have many diseases. We try and keep our animals as cool as possible with the greenery all around. We just moved another 40 cows to the Kindness Farm (a total of 220 animals there now out of total of 1225 animals in both sanctuaries). Read more about our second shelter here.

The sea turtle season is successfully finished as we write up our new report. Tirelessly we have been working mostly on our own to make their needs known and to protect them for the last 16 years, now finally we can hope for the support of our area’s people – see our the new Billboard in our city.

News just in: VSPCA apprehends poachers! VSPCA President/Founder Pradeep Nath was on his way to our Kindness Farm when he pulled over and apprehended illegal hunters. They are tribal people who were given guns by the authorities but then used them for illegal hunting. The guns have now been seized and handed over to the authorities.

Our courts in Delhi had a positive ruling in favour of the plastic bag ban, in the meantime, we are still doing the cow surgeries for plastic bag removal (total 16 done so far per the funding received, we plan to do one a week if possible in future). Please help us fund this life saving surgery.

Cow during surgery. Cow after lifesaving plastic bag removal operation (about 30 kilograms in each cow).

Please try and remember our area’s animals this important summer where it seems the world decides whether it can pull through for a more positive future. We are certainly working as hard as we can to turn the tide in favour of nature and a livable world for humans and animals. Please take part in our activities with your kind donation of any amount.

With love from India’s animals – from all of us at Visakha Society for Protection and Care for Animals.

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