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The year 2018 has started with a lot of expectations to do more for the innocent, voiceless and helpless animals and also for the silently depriving and depleting environment. With a big hope, we have entered the 22nd year and we are still working hard to achieve the global cause of animal welfare and environmental preservation with utmost dedication.

We could initiate many crucial projects apart from the existing ones.

The quarterly period from April-June was highly promising and we could collaborate and reach objectives with good achievements resulting in fruitful progressive result oriented deliverables.

Dog Protection Programme – New Initiatives!

A comprehensive strategy of Dog Protection program initiated this year.

It is a comprehensive effort to curb the unnecessary cruelties and culling of dogs in Visakhapatnam.

The Dog Protection program is whole some effort to help the dogs by all means.

This includes Sterilization of Dogs, Proper Management of Rescue Calls, conflict mitigation between dogs and humans, initiating awareness programs, adoption drives, etc. We strongly feel spay/neuter alone does not bring in welfare for the dogs. Hence this strategic planning.

Dr. Rajeshwar sterilizing a female dog
Anti-rabies vaccination
Awareness Dog Protection Programme.

Community Based Area Wise Animal Welfare Units Under VSPCA has been setup!

In collaboration with Urban Municipal Dog Unit and the Animal Husbandry department initiated the Region wise Community Animal Welfare Groups area wise to streamline the Welfare Activities for animals in every region.

Through these groups there have been certain initiatives undertaken which are public oriented. It is a complete micro management in coordination with Animal Husbandry dispensaries and municipality animal units.

Shark Protection and Conservation a new project have begun!

Shark Conservation through Fins and Hands Program is initiated to conserve the endangered Sharks of Visakhapatnam Coast.

This initiative along with under the ground investigation about shark poaching is done along with awareness campaigns to conserve the globally endangered sharks.

The programme in coordination with Forest Department and Asian Marine Conservation.

The super success of our efforts to protect the Endangered Olive Ridley Turtles!

The Conservation of the Endangered Olive Ridley Turtles had a good impact on the wholesome conservation of Oceanic Biodiversity and a collective initiative like the Fins and Hands.

We could release over 70,000 Olive Ridley Turtle hatchlings into the ocean this year a phenomenal record too this year.

Water Bowls the most essential need for the strays and more during summer!

Distribution of Water bowls for animals particularly more during summer times continues to be our top priority and Distributed to the area wise coordinators of Community Animal Welfare Groups.

This initiative has helped in quenching thousands of animals and made to thrive during the harsh summers.

Awareness the most potent means to Save Animals!

Strong campaigning exercises for the Cat Protection Program, Simhachalam Calves Protection and Wildlife Protection were initiated.

Which resulted in the lowering of cat poaching activities, lowered the number of calves abandoned to the temple and also curbed the open illegal wild animal meat sale.

Cat awareness campaign resulted in nabbing the culprits.

An awareness campaign at one of the villages to stop them from abandoning male calves to the Temple.

Some of Our Critical and Miracle Rescues













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