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Tsunami Reports

Tsunami animal relief report Jan 8th, 2005 - Hero beach dogs of India

Dear friends, The amazing news is the endless stories of the beach coast dogs here giving the much needed warning to the residents or the fishermen and were seen to be very uneasy that gave sufficient warnings to the people to be alert. Water entered into their homes but not before they had time to flee and with them the few livestocks. The photo below shows a brown dog that now has become converted into a community dog by these people who care for him.This has been the effect throughout the 11 villages that our team visited. We have provided counsel to the affected people and fed or rewarded the beach dogs giving the hungry ones --- first food and water and brought around a relationship between the humans and animals in this phase. ABC (animal birth control) will now work here 100% do to the sympathy and loyalty the people now have to these street dogs.

People with dog on beachIt has also provided us ample proof that nature should not be interfered and nature's products alone can deal with nature's fury. Animals have the distinct advantage and they are the best scientists who can predict. Hoping they will take the lead to save the earth.

So far we have covered 400 kms but our teams are still out and we are hoping to cover a total of 700 kms. as there is no one else covering the Andhra Pradesh coastline and more difficult situations will arise no doubt as we go further south. We are worried about a half a dozen Districts at AP. Human deaths in AP about 1000 with animal deaths only 163 cattle (tied up) reported so far.

We rescued many pet dogs when the water from the sea was within one km from us all. The water was coming at a great force diagonally hence the entire activity was towards the Town Area and the inner harbour where the water swelled and started to overflow. We tried to catch the dogs running after their fleeing owners and also trying to plead with the owners to take the pets.

With our ABC (animal birth control program for dogs and cats), rescuing of cows and progenies, migratory birds, seaturltes, SOS animal (700 different animals at Shelter to look after) projects seriously at advanced stages we give our priority to the Tsunami animals .

I end here to come with more in the coming days. All kind of help is greatly appreciated. I am very thankful to all of you for your deep concern. The Tsunami has brought out in us the togetherness.

p.s. Very briefly re the seaturtles they are coming in dead but we cannot conclude that they have died due to Tsunami because they come ashore dead usually at this time of year because of the trawling nets. Every year we lose thousands of Olive Ridleys turtles. I feel like the other wild animals, the seaturtle would have survived. Hours before the tsunamii, I was there with a volunteer at 5 AM marking the two nestings at RamaKrishna beach opposite the Yoga village and the hopeless submarine that is permanently affixed on our beach. Three days after the Tsunami hit seven more nestings were recorded. Our volunteers are along the coasts of Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam are protecting the incoming turtles for breeding.

Warm regards,
Pradeep Kumar Nath