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April 2012 - Emergency appeal from VSPCA

Dear Friends, Supporters and Well Wishers –

We are incredibly grateful for all of your help that has allowed us to come this far.

First the good news. VSPCA is a on the verge of becoming a sustainable shelter as an eco-shelter that produces plants to feed our 1300 animals as well as for sale, uses the byproducts of cow (not milk or meat of course!) as cow dung for biogas and even cow urine, vermicompost for planting and sale (and to grow more commercial trees as coconuts, guavas and mangos) as well as sale and biogas for electricity.

Both VSPCA's shelters are completely green and organic also providing refuge for wildlife and inspiration to the area's residents that the future does not have to look so bleak. At VSPCA people can learn and become inspired that nature will have her place to shelter the distressed and suffering animals as well as provide beauty and refuge for all living beings.

Now for the bad news. We have no choice but to make this special appeal to you. We would not be writing this way if our situation was not desperate.

Our shelter is well known for its outstanding standard of care. However, presently our animals face an extreme shortage of food unless we receive desperately-needed funds for feed and medical care.

Our present dire situation resulted mainly from two reasons:

  1. A raging epidemic of rabies causing human fatalities with the populace geared to an all-out campaign to kill dogs, beating them to death was a common occurrence stemming from fear of being bitten. We had to vaccinate approximately 24,000 dogs. This was an extreme drain on our funds, but absolutely necessary as we had no choice.
  2. Drastic reductions in donations resulted from poor economy our situation worsens day by day. Not only is it extremely distressing to witness the increasing deterioration of the animals but we, the caretakers, are suffering too.

However difficult it is for us now, with increasing pollution and diseases in our area along with higher costs and other stress, we do have hope for the future with our sustainability efforts as above; will you help us until we can get further towards our goals of sustainability?

Animals currently under our care and protection

Why do we have such a large population? Because if no suitable homes can be found after rescue we cannot bear to put them back out on the streets, and of course we never euthanize due to them being "unwanted" animals.

Domestic Animals Wild Animals
Cows 374 Pigeons 94
Bulls 343 Star Tortoises 50
Dogs 190 Parrots 36
Cats 90 Mice 11
Buffalo 35 Ducks 10
Puppies 26 Monkeys 7
Kittens 8 Rabbits 5
Horses 5 Guinea Fowls 4
Total Animals 1288

Our objectives

VSPCA is not a profit making organization - it is purely for the welfare, preservation of all animals.

If any donors would like to help us with other projects that are ongoing as below, please do let us know.

The services we offer, in brief

Your support will mean a lot for continuing our efforts and thus make a large impact. We eagerly look forward to your help in making this possible!

With love from India's animals – from all of us at Visakha Society for Protection and Care for Animals.