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May 2014: Dramatic Rescues! Summer Heat causes Distress, you can help!

Dear supporters and well-wishers,

Our efforts over the years have led to definitive results even though we have so many challenges. We thank you for saving and protecting our fellow beings that we love.

A thirsty dog searches for water in the dry human pavements.

Quenching the thirst of the street animals: After untiring efforts, a water bowl project planned by VSPCA has been finally approved by the municipality. It will allow us to place bowls of water across Visakhapatnam for the thirsty street animals and birds, who are trying to fight the heat but in vain. 200 places in the city have been identified and volunteers have agreed to make sure that the bowls serve the ideal purpose. Each large fixed and permanent bowl costs about $20 (USD) or Rs. 1200. We need to make as many as possible, so every drop of support will add up for each drop of water. It is a major step as it is the first time in India that such a project has been approved by the government. Do lend a hand to make this a reality.

Beach erosion in Visakhapatnam.

See you soon Olive Ridleys: The 19th year of our protection of the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles was successful as another set of babies were released into the ocean for a journey of a hopeful life. 319 nests have been looked after and 31379 hatchlings released into the ocean. We have an 80% success rate and we are working to get better every year. Every year the increase in nesting has been 20%. However, there is severe beach erosion threatening more habitat loss.

Esther's cat 'Kassiopeia' remembered: Another cat house comes up in the VSPCA Shelter this time in the new VSPCA Kindness Farm known as Kassiopeia Cat House named after Esther's beloved cat. Cats are being killed, slaughtered and even eaten up by our fellow human beings and the only one thing that can help them is for them to have a safe house. They need lifetime care and protection and we at VSPCA, are always available to all animals. Esther is The Founder / President of NetAP who has fully supported this essential cat house to accommodate cats and kittens rescued from accidents, abandoned and abusive conditions.

Many Emu Birds have collapsed due to hunger and heat.

Being a little 'Emu'tional: 2000 Emu birds were abandoned by a cruel speculator due to a financial loss, right in front of the VSPCA shelter. The birds, who would have died of heat, exhaustion and starvation, were rescued by VSPCA officials and taken to the Kindness farm. We are trying to save as many as possible but feeding and managing so many birds is not an easy task. We need your support to the fullest. Help us by donating.

Rescue Efforts

Apart from all the projects we undertake, our ongoing rescue efforts never halt. Here are pictures of a couple of the recent ones just in the last few weeks.

A deer, which was rescued from being tied up and awaiting death by hunters, being given first aid.

An eagle without legs rescued from a drain by the VSPCA team.

Sweetie had a wire tied around his waist! Rescued and treated, what if VSPCA had not been there...

We are very grateful to your continued faith and support and ask you to be an active part of our efforts for the animals in distress. For frequent updates and links to many of the above stories please check our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

In 2014 we have no choice but to continue to confidently stride ahead into more areas, tackle more issues and win them all in favour of our animals.

Pradeep Kumar Nath
Visakha Society for Protection and Care of Animals (VSPCA)