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VSPCA has one of the most comprehensive animal shelters in India: dogs and cats, cattle and birds, and wildlife that was being illegally kept to be sold dead or alive. As if that wasn't enough work to do, we also have our ambitiously eco-friendly 100% organic farming and renewable energy projects to run, plus our medical facilities for the animals!

As much as we'd like to take in every needy animal in Visakhapatnam–and trust us, there are plenty–we have neither the space nor the resources. However, there are some truly distressed individuals we come across that we just cannot turn away. The dedication of our volunteers is boundless, but the funds available to cover the costs of caring for our animals are not.

Meet some of our family below and consider donating $20 a month which is an average price for all types of the animals care (less than $1 a day!) to cover some of the costs so that we may expand our family even more. All of us at VSPCA greatly appreciate your support – especially the animals!

Our website volunteer has kindly agreed to take the time to put your name (or the name of someone you are honoring) next to the story with all new sponsorships of six months or more.

Please note that donations made on this page are not USA Tax deductible. If you can benefit from USA tax deduction please visit our donation page and see the Donate By Mail section.

Sponsorship stories written by VSPCA staff veterinarian Dr. Bhanu and volunteers Scott Feldstein, Judy Hungerford, Brook Bennett, and Janine Vocke.

Listen to the song “I Need Love”, donated to VSPCA by Chris Gormley, and performed by his band Daylight for Dead Eyes:

Sponsor the feeding of all the animals at the sanctuary for rs. 15,459, or $371 (USD) for one day to honor a special occasion, like a birthday, anniversary, or memorial. You tell us which day to commemorate with your donation!