Bosmat Gal, DVM

From my personal experience of the past three years I am observing how despite being a poor shelter without resources and yet without any built up endowment, nevertheless, it is still trying to maintain its activities, working hard under Mr. Pradeep guidance, commitment and endless energy, to make all of its programs alive and running.

More and more people in the city and the nearby and distant villages are now aware the VSPCA is not the only animal welfare organization who exists in the greater Visakhapatnam area but is the only one which is serious about animal care. Therefore, they will call the society day and night for any injured or abused animal they encounter. Needless to say, the VSPCA is responding to every call.

As a witness, I can confirm that the people — from the upper management level, down to the most basic animal caregiver — how serious and compassionate they are about giving and doing the best they can for the welfare of the animals in their care.