Structural and equipment needs

  • Larger, more isolated quarantine ward.
  • In-house dispensary for sick animals.
  • Extension of five feet to the height of the current boundary wall for security against fast increasing surrounding urban areas.
  • Wildlife rehabilitation enclosures for rabbits and other animals.
  • Training halls for workshops, seminars, etc. and kitchen.
  • Additional puppy enclosures.
  • Octagon house for the shelter dogs and abandoned ones not having any place.
  • Improved drainage system.
  • X-ray machine/autoclave/updated laboratory/operation tables/in-house dispensary.
  • Mobile gas anaesthesia machines.
  • Additional land to accommodate expansion.
  • Ambulances.

In-kind Donations

  • rags, blankets and pillows for the animals.
  • bowls, vessels and containers for the animals.
  • mugs for visitors/staff.
  • gunny sacks.
  • cages,Movable cages.
  • buckets, paint, brushes.
  • wires, mesh.
  • doors and windows.
  • hovels, brooms.
  • iron crow bars, poles.
  • gardening tools.
  • Newspapers.
  • Hosepipes.
  • Tarpaulins.
  • chairs, tables.
  • detergents, cleaning items.
  • Desktops/Laptops.
  • CCTV cameras.
  • Digital cameras.

Daily needs

Animals Number of animals Medicines Feed Expenses/month
Birds(Finches, Love Birds etc.)
Cows & Buffaloes
Wages for Workers
Wages for Veterinarians
ABC Dog Food and Medicines (numbers vary)
ABC Cat Food and Medicines (numbers vary)
Telephone Billand Maintenance
Electricity expense
Fuel Expenses / For all vehicles
Vehicle Maintenance
Office & Stationary expenses
Contagious disease medicines
Anti rabies shots for dogs and cats
Yearly Vaccination costs for birds, monkeys, mongoose etc.,
Yearly Vaccination costs per cow per year
Suture materials for ABC Dogs, ABC Cats operation
Cattle and critical operation costs on large animals