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Shelter and Sanctuary

VSPCA has one of the most comprehensive animal shelters in India: housing dogs, cats, cattle, birds, raptors, reptiles, trafficked wildlife (often sold for meat and other nefarious purposes) and rams and roosters from illegal animal fighting rings. VSPCA effectively manages an Animal Sanctuary called “Kindness Farm,” which additionally houses many 100s of animals - native and non-native. Emu birds from Australia live at Kindness Farm. These birds were trafficked for their eggs & meat and were found in a warehouse. Since Kindness Farm is an animal sanctuary, horses, pigs, and rams also live out peaceful lives here. Each of VSPCA’s rescues is free from an abhorrent, abusive past.


VSPCA is working towards ambitious, eco-friendly, 100% organic farming and renewable energy projects. VSPCA runs several medical facilities (surgery, pharma, vet care, treatment, etc.) for animals at its office on Main Road, its Shelter and Kindness Farm. Soon VSPCA will begin building it’s Rain Water Harvesting Facility at Kindness Farm. Year 2020 has limited grant funding from Ahimsa Foundation for this critical project for the Kuruvada Region.

City’s Distressed Animals

There are many animals in Visakhapatnam requiring VSPCA’s help and care. However, VSPCA doesn’t have unlimited space nor funds to take care of every animal in the City, even though our Founder, Mr. Pradeep Kumar Nath, does his best. Truly distressed individuals cannot be turned away. The dedication of our volunteers is boundless, but funds are needed to cover costs for animals who come in by the day.

VSPCA Family

Meet some of our family members below. Please consider donating $20 a month - an average cost for animals in our care (less than $1 a day!)

All of us at VSPCA greatly appreciate your support. Our animals say “THANK YOU!”

We will honor sponsorships of six months or more.

Please note: Donations made from the USA using PayPal, are Tax Deductible. You may select the Donate By Mail option while proceeding with the donation.

Sponsorship stories were written by VSPCA staff veterinarian Dr. Bhanu and volunteers Scott Feldstein, Judy Hungerford, Brook Bennett, and Janine Vocke.

Listen to the song “I Need Love”, donated to VSPCA by Chris Gormley, and performed by his band Daylight for Dead Eyes:

Sponsor the feeding of all the animals at the sanctuary for rs. 15,459, or $371 (USD) for one day to honour a special occasion, like a birthday, anniversary, or memorial. You tell us which day to commemorate with your donation!