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One rainy morning in late September 2009, Sparky was found at the entrance to the hotel by the hotel bellboy where I was staying while volunteering at VSPCA. He knew I was a veterinarian so he called me; he assumed I would take care of him, and of course, I did. Sparky was found by the door, mewing softly, so I took him with me and started looking around for the rest of the family but couldn’t find any of them. Was he abandoned? I took the tiny one to the VSPCA shelter and immediately we bottle fed him the special kitten milk I had luckily brought with me from Boston. On my exam, he was found to be healthy. I gave instructions on how to treat him and what to look for (in case of diseases), since it was a day before my departure and I couldn’t continue my daily check-ups. Now I got the news he survived and he has grown to be such a healthy, sweet and handsome cat! — Dr. Bosmat Gal

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