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What a gorgeous dog! Cheyenne is only six months old but is already quite the “lady’s man” at the shelter. He was dropped off with his mother and 3 siblings. His story shows just how important our ABC programs are. When Cheyenne’s mother gave birth, his “owner”, or guardian as we like to say, didn’t see a litter of adorable puppies to raise; he saw more mouths to feed. Unfortunately due to malnourishment two of his siblings died shortly after arriving, but at least Cheyenne is able to live with his mother now at the shelter whom we also took in. Taking this case, had we reached Cheyenne’s mother with the ABC program, two lives and much-needed space at the shelter would’ve been saved. One simple surgical procedure or one litter that might get abandoned, die prematurely, or not get enough food to develop into healthy adults. Every little bit helps.

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