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VSPCA aids flood-hit animals

While everybody wanted to help human beings hit by a flood, a lone organisation concentrated on helping the hapless cattle and animals.

Eco Groups Sound the Alarm

Pradeep Nath speaks at the conference to help save Visakhapatnam from environmental threats.

Dolphins washed ashore

VSPCA helps investigate dolphin deaths.

Article about VSPCA by Eileen Weintraub

Article about VSPCA by Eileen Weintraub in The Animals Voice Magazine

Featured in United Nations Journal

VSPCA featured in the United Animal Nations Journal, Summer 2005 Issue

Sea Turtle Saga

For six years we have been fighting a false case brought against us for allegedly disturbing a sea turtle's nest. This August it finally was quashed in the Andhra Pradesh High Court where it was proved that the case was vindictive and manipulated, supported by the interests of power and conservationists who did not want a humane society to be involved in sea turtle protection. We celebrate in silence, uncertain if the sea turtle habitat will recover where the dreadful submarine was dragged ashore to be placed as a monument and concerned because the project promoters are thinking of bringing another warship to the site. Yet another battle may be in store for us. However, through this dialogue we are hoping that the conservationists are now willing to work with us - the animal welfare activists - to jointly protect the sea turtle.

2008 updates

Pollution proves fatal for turtles

VSPCA attributes death of hundreds of turtles to the presence of nitrite content in the vicinity of beaches.

More Olive Ridley turtles washed ashore

Pradeep Nath and the VSPCA team launchs a survey to try to determine the hundreds of sea turtle deaths. Autopsy and chemical tests dead turtles were begun immediately and an action plan begun for protecting the dwindling population of Olive Ridley turtles.

Olive Ridley death riddle solved

VSPCA conducts tests to see if pollution was a cause and it was determined that the fishing trawlers caused these deaths by not using TED’s. TED’s (turtle excluder devices) are the law but not enforced, something we have been preaching about for many years! However, contrary to this Hindu press article Pradeep Nath still feels that these tests were inconclusive due to the high number of deaths this year and we are investigating further with more tests in better labs – please contact us if you are interested in future updates.

Pradeep Nath's court hearing against cow-butchers

Background: VSPCA is deeply involved in trying to stop the illegal cow slaughter that occurs in nearly 2000 unlicensed shops in our area. This awful practice occurs almost anywhere that is convenient to the butchers - even their own bathrooms and bedrooms. In January 2004, VSPCA founder Pradeep K. Nath was severely and brutally beaten by butchers as he attempted to call the police to stop the illegal slaughter of five cows and two calves who were being taken by two laborers to the slaughterhouse.

We had continued to target a major district in the Railway New Colony where the animals are slaughtered in the gutters and in people's houses. To our great dismay, the Hindu temple of Sai Baba and other temples nearby have turned a blind eye even when so sacred an animal as the cow is slaughtered within the legal premises of their temple. Because of my actions and struggles to stop these activities a trap was laid for me and I was attacked by this gang. - Pradeep Nath

August 2006 update

In the court hearing, the young culprits who assaulted me in 2004 admitted their crime and asked for apologies in front of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (CGM). He asked me whether I would accept this and I agreed on condition that:

  • The apology be given in writing
  • That it will be binding upon them (they will be held responsible) if any such incidences happen again to any of our members that they have to abide by the laws in full – the purpose of my accepting their apology is so they could become law-abiding people.

All documents were signed and I verbally spoke to their whole gang with a clearcut warning that violence will only breed violence and this time I will be very aggressive with my own supporters.

I had around ten supporters with me who are willing to be with me within short notice if there are any problems in the future.

I felt it was clear from their body language that they might want to continue the illegal acts, but we will not stand for it.

The CGM complimented me by saying that by accepting their apologies I had become a valued person in the society and only a great person will forgive a criminal. The judge asked if I wanted to ask for compensation, but I refused. Also he said the greatest advantage of this forgiveness is that the criminals will be ever binding and that they will be careful and should any such incidences happen again they will get the severest punishment without any bail.

Incidentally they were held for 45 days in the jail before they got a bail as Sec 324 is a non-bailable section.

If I had not agreed to this, I would have had to wait for two years for a judgment which could be manipulated by then. And now the onus is on the perpetrators to be very careful in the future.

Victory for animals at the Visakha airport

For the past four years VSPCA has been writing to the District Authorities to stop shooting birds around the airport and to stop threatening to kill pigs and goats in the airport's vicinity because of the hazards to the plane traffic. In other cities the animals are often shot on sight, but here we have successfully petitioned the authorities to solve the problem with compassion and common sense. Why are animals attracted to being around the airport at all in Visakha? Because of the poor sanitation and the lure of the rubbish heaps from the illegal slaughterhouses! The remains of these slaughtered animals are thrown under the railway bridges and nearby bushes attracting the stray animals and birds.

On 31st August 2006 a Committee was formed which included the Municipality, airport authorities, navy and ourselves for the development of the new international airport being built in Visakhapatnam (currently we only have a domestic airport). The meeting was followed by detailed inspections of all the slaughter operations in the area, based on our thorough experience raiding these illegal operations. From Sheelanagar areas to the Gopapalapatnam places, these criminals were caught red-handed violating environmental and municipal health laws in addition to the animal welfare laws.

The very fact that the illegal slaughter places exist despite the laws shows how the laws are flouted. There was immediate action by the authorities present in asking the Municipal health authorities to clear off the areas, follow all the laws effective immediately. If the warning is not followed then further severe actions will be taken.

As far as stray dogs were concerned, there were none in the airport vicinity. We will monitor the area once a week to pick them up and rehome them for everyone's safety.

Garbage cleanup has to be foremost in controlling stray animals, especially in such sensitive areas as airports. By getting rid of the rubbish heaps there will be less stray animals. We made our point successfully after four years, but as always it remains to be seen how much of it will be implemented and how faithfully done in the face of obvious backdoor methods. We will continue with our efforts in our legitimate manner and will not allow injustice to be done to the animals.

Ending animal slaughter, closing meat shops proposed

It is proposed to end slaughter of animals at two places in the vicinity of the airport and close a few meat stalls. Measures are also afoot to check straying of cattle and dogs on to the runway.

Shackled simians wait for Savior

Rescued Monkeys: The owners of these three monkeys are deaf and dumb. The man was seven years old when he came to Visakhapatnam and he has been living virtually on street since then opposite to the railway station on a small bit of pavement. He has also married another dumb woman. Together they were looking after these monkeys. There are two adult ones and a baby monkey also. They eat about everything and likes idlis very much probably they were fed with these the most as the nomads and beggars eat them frequently. These monkeys were not meant for anything just for company unlike others who keep monkeys for fun and cheating people and for begging. We had much pity for the monkeys and the humans alike!

Two of the family of three living in a garbage heap.

Family of three monkeys we rescued.

The monkeys are left chained for many years now and not just months as claimed previously. They were living in inhumane conditions. And they have turned ferocious so they are tied up. They were given food in the morning and then may not be fed again during the day because the man and woman are out on errand jobs. We were there the whole day trying to get these monkeys out of these horrible conditions and then their humans came around in the evening. However the monkeys have gotten very attached to them. The woman resisted a lot to hand them over and was crying uncontrollably. We have gone to the extent of offering to help them to keep the monkeys with them, but in humane conditions, considering the factor that the monkeys are bonded to them. But the man wanted to hand them over to us as became fearful of getting into trouble (see The Hindu article below). It was clear that he did not want to keep the monkeys anymore. We got a deal arranged that they would come to the shelter or whenever he wanted to spend time with not only these monkeys but the whole bunch of all our monkeys. We will need to have another place just like the one we built for the ones we have now. And no doubt we will have more in the future. So we must begin an appeal to raise another $5000 for their housing.

Caught by two street children, the monkeys live in unhygienic conditions

The boys continue to chain the animals despite warnings by municipal staff guidelines regarding rescue and rehabilitation of monkeys in urban areas Animals rescued by VSPCA are treated and released in groups near Pardesipalem