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Leela is a paraplegic cat was rescued from a vicious dog attack. She was a kitten when a pack of dogs attacked and injured her spine damaging her spinal cord, leaving her permanently disabled.

She was bought to our Shelter. We provided her with surgery, post-care and rehabilitation at our Kassiopeia Cat House through our local Cat Handlers. Leela understood that the people surrounding her were actually working to fix her disability! She began to open up to their presence and her rehabilitation is complete. She now plays with humans and many cats. Our Cat Helpers really love her deeply. She is worth every inch of herself. Like Sotta and others who have been badly injured, Leela won’t define herself by her injuries. She is waaay bigger than that! Please support our continued care of Sotta.

Donations received for Leela:

  1. Ms Poornima Badugu – Sponsored for six months on April 24, 2021
  2. Mr Adam Ellis — Sponsored for twelve months on May 03, 2021

We thank our donors for generously donating to our beloved animals.

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