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Perhaps the well-known phrase, “as free as a bird”, refers to the liberating feeling that comes from knowing you can do whatever you wish, whether man or beast. In other words, if an animal chooses, of its own will, to stay in the companionship of humans, then perhaps it’s actually free. Well, it’s no doubt freer than an animal that has been kept in decrepit and inhumane conditions by cruel people trying to turn a small profit. All of the parrots who have successfully recovered from such early hardships fly away to explore the world outside of our sanctuary.

Mithoo is a lone exception. She has called the lush trees which surround the aviary her home since her release eight years ago. What’s more, she prefers to be hand-fed by our shelter manager, Sarada. The ultimate goal of VSPCA is to improve the welfare of all animals, at risk or not. The wonderful thing about our bird population is that there is no imminent danger of overcrowding. As long as the shelter can afford the guava, peanuts, and corn to put in Sarada’s hand, we will continue to make VSPCA a haven for Mithoo and all her feathery cousins.

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