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Princess is our charming, beautiful and adorable cat. She and her siblings were found stuffed in a cardboard box near a garbage drum on a bone-chilling winter day. It was one of our harshest winters that year. The carton had barely any air within! The little kittens must have had several shocks early in life – inhumanely separated from their mother; ruthlessly thrown in a dustbin; stuffed in a carton too small to hold all of them for long! By the time our help arrived, Princess’s three siblings died of suffocation. Princess too was close to her end but we got her out in the nick of time. Immediately our team rushed her to our shelter and provided life-saving treatment. It took her several days to recover and come out of that trauma. She is now a happy and playful, full-of-life cat in our Kassiopeia Cat House of VSPCA Shelter-1.

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