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As difficult as it is to understand why people treat animals poorly, we know that this world will never be free from cruelty. VSPCA works very hard to help as many animals as we can and it is encouraging when we approach this goal with the assistance of the community. Lucky was found tied to this tree with all this garbage all around, presumably by his owner. As if abandoning an animal in 40°C (100°+ F) heat isn’t bad enough, tying it up so that it can’t search for food or shelter is inexcusable.

The next day, a shop-keeper found the dog and fed it for a week before calling us. We are so grateful to the shopkeeper for caring for the dog when he had no obligation to do so. Sadly, the dog problem in Visakhapatnam is so overwhelming that the shelter is quickly becoming overcrowded. So it so important for Lucky and all the other dogs at the shelter and in our city that everyone pitches in to make this world a better place for our animal companions.

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