Adopt an All-Indian Dog or Cat

Adopt an All-Indian Dog or Cat

We consider all of our animals beautiful, but not all our puppies are this cute.  Chameli is the sweetest thing, isn’t she?

She was spotted by Pradeep and one of our drivers, walking right down the middle of the main road.  Anyone who has been on a busy street in India knows that is no place for a person to be walking, let alone a defenceless puppy.  She was being fed a little by the people in the neighbourhood, but we needed to take her in, sterilize her, and find her a steady, responsible owner.  The earlier we find these homeless dogs, the more problems we can prevent in the dog community in general:  disease, aggressiveness, overpopulation, etc.  At the end of the day, all the dogs and cats at the shelter are seeking stable, loving homes.

Our adoption program

For those living in and around Visakhapatnam and interested in taking care of our lovely animals, please contact us about our adoption program.

As more people in India get “pets” or companion animals, one of our aims is to avoid the same problems that the western countries have been battling for over 100 years.  That of unwanted pets having to be euthanized.   We do not want a throwaway society for our beloved animals but need the public’s help to adopt a pet rather than buy one from a pet shop.

Our animal shelter frequently has purebred pets needing adoption but please consider a mixed breed/all India dog.   The mixed-breed have fewer health problems. Consider even adopting a fully grown dog or cat rather than just a puppy or kitten and you can also know the personality first and make sure the pet is a match for your family situation.  Not everyone has the time to raise a puppy or kitten and giving a home to an abandoned pet will give much satisfaction to you and the pet.

A sign from the Blue Cross of India/Chennai

Our rescued cows and rabbits are also looking for loving homes. Our rescued pigeons and love birds are looking for safe places to be released and fed. Kindly inquire about these particulars by contacting our shelter.

Regarding dogs and cats, we have a lot of community dogs that have reached us, either because they are abused by animal haters or ill-treated and abandoned by the “owner” because he or she has become old or because the “owner” has shifted abroad. Many times we bring in puppies or kittens because their mothers have died in road accidents or otherwise. We need to find homes for each of them.

Some common questions about adopting a dog or cat at VSPCA

What is the adoption procedure?

The adoption procedure is very simple. After you choose your pet at our shelter from the wonderful and healthy dog, cats, puppies and kittens, it involves one of our representatives visiting your home to verify your residential details and a simple form to fill out. Our VSPCA staff will be more than happy to assist you in this process.

How much does it cost to adopt a pet?

There are no charges for adoption. We only ask that you give a loving home to our pets which of course includes proper food, water, adequate shelter and kind treatment at all times.

Will VSPCA support me after adoption?

VSPCA will be glad to help you in any way after adoption. We can arrange for regular visits by a vet or give you advice on the phone. Our staff are available to support you.

Are there regular checks after adoption?

Yes. We want to make sure that our pets are well taken care of. We will phone to make sure all is going OK. We would also like to know the name and number of the vet to which you regularly take him/her or you can take him/her to our shelter vets for their care. And we require that the pet is not allowed to breed and will be altered if not already done so at our shelter.

Can an adopted pet be returned? Are there any penalties for that?

Yes, and there are no penalties. We only request that if you cannot take care of the pet please return him/her directly back to us. He/she should not be abandoned or put down in any way.

What if the pet falls badly ill immediately after adoption? Will VSPCA provide treatment?

VSPCA will definitely help in the treatment of the pet and will make available our vets to assist you. We are grateful for the responsibility you have taken and will be there to support you in all situations.