Corona takes away one of VSPCA’s Frontline Warriors

A tribute to our Essential Worker, our Animal Rights’ Warrior, our Silent Machine!

Narayan Rao would have turned 60 this coming August 22, 2020. Unfortunately, he fought and succumbed to the deadly virus in two weeks of contracting CoVid-19.

Though there is evidence of grave negligence on the part of the hospital he was admitted to; however, the end result was fatal, and an irreparable loss to us, to Narayan Rao’s beloved animals and to all related to this wonderful human being. His anxiety and worry over the tragic loss of his own sister a day ago to CoVid-19, hit him extra hard. His deep love, connection and dedication to those he loved, maybe was his Achilles’ heel.

He was responsible for the Vegan Meals Project that provided healthy food to humans abandoned by all in society.

Narayan Rao was in charge of The Sea Turtle Conservation Programme which enters its 25th year!

And, he was the pillar to our Foundation Project --- One Stop Feeding Station for the street dogs. With over 16 feeding stations, every one of these 300 dogs are known to him, personally. Our Founder, Pradeep Kumar Nath, passed on these sensitive outreach programmes to Narayana Rao based on his dedication and commitment and knowing his big heart for the animals. Pradeep has full confidence that Narayan Rao alone would be fully responsible for the delivery outcomes.

Above all Narayan Rao was punctual - a rare commodity in Animal Rights work in India. For animals this is essential.

Besides his lead roles, Narayan Rao was responsible for other important tasks related to SOS, fundraising, banks and purchases.

Narayan Rao’s absence is being felt very badly and losing him has hit VSPCA hard!

How will we obtain another warrior in the making, and overnight?

The Team VSPCA moves on to fill this huge void he’s left behind, with renewed vigor and precision. We celebrate his beautiful life. We re-commit ourselves to doing the best possible to render service to the street animals who do not understand the sentiments and emotions that we are passing through. They are innocent, sentient beings.

By recommitting ourselves to the service of animals and their habitats, we acknowledge our Late Narayan Rao’s efforts in this regard:

His motto/our motto: to provide help at the right time and at the right place.

May Narayan Rao’s soul rest in peace.

May his family gain the strength to tide these very difficult days without him.

News article by Times about Mr. Narayana Rao