One week after the cyclone, we are moving ahead with all the clean up projects. We were able to rescue all 700 shelter animals from the floods.

A summmation of report from Karuna Society, Puttaparti, India who rushed to the VSPCA to help:

The situation is worse than it looks on the pictures. Although electricity is restored in the main building, the problem is mud, destruction, polluted wells, stagnant water, broken trees , pieces of walls, dirt and filth. Motorpumps are not working and pipelines are destroyed so drinking water for animals is a problem. First we had to remove all that is destroyed. This has to be done by people who are willing to get dirty, sliding on the mud and who are strong enough to remove most of the material by hand.

Pradeep hired a machine to clean out the well but the motor is not working and it needs repair. Please understand that even the first basic needs BEFORE reconstruction are a problem and are a priority. The work is also being very much hampered with heavy rains falling at intervals.

The animals are in danger of getting sick and need immediate vaccinations. With all the above problems there is no time to go outside to find out animals and people in need of help . But as soon as the cleanup and reconstruction is on the way we will go out in outreach teams. However the first Disaster Area is Visakhaptnam Shelter itself. ABC (animal birth control) and treatment of animals continues but how can you function properly under these kind of circumstances. Everything is wet, the attenders are struggling in the mud and how can one keep everything clean and dry. I have read the report that Pradeep wrote before. In my opinion the real situation is worse and besides that he is overstressed beyond belief. He needs help immediately because it is really bad. — Mrs. Clementien Pauws, 26 Sept.

The Indian government is going to help fix the wall to prevent future disasters. We have raised most of the emergency feed and labor expenses; and for the outreach teams, but do not have the funds to begin rebuilding the shelter. Without the in person help of PFA (People for Animals)Chennai, and 10 people from Karuna Society under Mrs. Clementien Pauws guidance; coming to Visakha from far away even though train service was extremely spotty, we would be completely unable to move forward. They dropped all their works at their own animal shelters and rushed to help us. There is no one in the entire area that can help the animals as VSPCA can, please help them keep going under very rough conditions right now.

For the quick response in our dire hour of need we are indebted to the contributions from: WSPA-UK World society for the Protection of Animals-for funding the outreach teams; continued support from RSPCA-UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; Best Friends, USA for being the best to animals worldwide, and those who have believed in us all along and continue to do so-our dear friends: The Winsome Constant Kindness Trust, Australia; Ms. Margaret Gebhard, USA and Animal People News for invaluable advice and guidance. AVAR-Assoc.of Vets for Animal Rights, USA and Swiss Tierschutzbund, a small animal protection organization in Switzerland, are contributing emergency expenses as well. Just before the cyclone hit, the RSPCA donated a new ambulance that has now made our emergency work possible. Its allowing us to drive through the deep mud.

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