Another flood that set back the shelter progress The storm crossing over Tamil Nadu has reached us and there are heavy rains since night. Our shelter is very vulnerable to the flooding once again as our wall of 420 feet is opend up. None of the workers have turned up as they are all cutoff. We are using special vehicles to get them over and paying three times more to help feed and look after emergencies for the 700 odd animals and those animals coming from our outreach programme. No construction can take place now as the conditions are very poor for that. We are on top alert. I wish that we had time for few months without rain to finish the planned constrcution but I suppose this is a big challenge to the entire region here.

But actually if we did not have those 20000 subhabool trees and hundreds of coconut trees then the ABC (animal birth control program area) also would have been submerged. And the problem was with a dam bursting across our shelter behing around 4 kms away that broke and came gushing in otherwise we withstood tougher conditions. It is our bad luck.

The recent cyclone with the wall now opened up water entered again upto five feet. But now with all your help we will do the remaining plans that we had thought of earlier ie., raised ground, higher platforms, concrete flooring with the drainage. Of course land on higher platform buying is best for future and there are lands in much cheaper rate but more away and interior which could be good option as we keep expanding and urbanisation expands.

I will give you a much better and the best animal shelter for the animals and better than a paradise for them. My promise.

Warm regards,
Pradeep Kumar Nath

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