Dr. Paw Program

Meet Victor, the popular in-demand dog of VSPCA’s new Dr. Paw program. So on the auspicious occasion of World Animal Day October 4th, 2004 we initiated Dr. Paw.

We rescued Victor from the Municipality one and a half years ago. He had a number of scars and deep wounds on his body were absolutely dehydrated and had mange to boot. But we noticed his very friendly attitude and wonderful personality so we bought him home to our gang. of eight dogs even though there were some snarls and serious objections! Victor showed his rare attitude of friendship and he started the serious business of playing and this won everybody over.

Dr. Paw and kids

We started grooming him for the Dr. Paw program and selected Lebenshilfe, an institution for 400 mentally retarded children. Very favourable press coverage (see below) ensued and Victor is now in demand to be taken to old age and abandoned children’s homes. At Lebenshilfe they are starting a four-year Dr. Paw program with 40 children attending each time.

This is all very encouraging to propel our cause of good animal behaviours leading to more respect for all animals.

Any suggestions to improve this program would be most welcome.

Contact: Pradeep Kumar Nath, Founder, and President Visakha SPC

Dr. Paw article - The Hindu

(The Hindu, October 5th, 2004)