Here in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh – which is located on the east coast of India, on the Bay of Bengal – we do not usually have a monsoon but receive our rain fall from cyclones and tropical storms (usually 6 to 12 per year).   (A cyclone is an area of low pressure atmosphere characterized by inward spiraling winds.)

This year we are once again surprised that the season is starting early with the rains frequent and incessant and storms coming one after the other.   With all the information gathering devices no sense can be made from this weather phenomenon.   If this trend continues, there seems to be no respite for helpless beings such as the animals as even the humans get little help for flood relief.

We need your assistance and expertise on behalf of the animals to these sudden and destructive weather situations.   We have much experience with these situations and therefore know that many villages receives no help what so ever.  Every promise from the authorities stays on a piece of paper.  Our rescue efforts have begun from our district and with further help we would like to reach the neighboring districts detailed below with our three skilled teams. We consider this as top priority as many more cyclones will be to come these next few months.

Right now much of our efforts are being spent on making the mobile Animal Birth Control camps a reality but we cannot in good conscience turn our back on those in need.   Although there is flooding in many parts of India, here we are ready, willing and able to go out and render assistance to animals with your kind help.

Any funds received now would be used to establish procedures, gather equipment and ready teams who are able to render assistance.     Because we came in past years these villagers would expect our help again which we would wish to give to save animal life and suffering.  When the waters abates disease is unfortunately   left in its wake.

As of this morning 26 June 2007 rains continue to pour with another depression is on its way adding to miserable situations.  We would be grateful to have your interest in our reports and association.  Thank you.

Yours faithfully.
Pradeep Kumar Nath
VSPCA Founder / President

Affected Districts of Andhra Pradesh

Kurnool, Guntur, Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam, Viziangaram, Kadapa, Prakasam, Rangareddy, Chitoor, Anantapur, Krishna , Guntur, East Godavari, West Godavari , Mehabubnagar

Affected Villages

Nandyal, Tungabhadra, Hundri, Kundu, Nagavalli, Kallur, Srisailam, Nagarjuna Sagar, Krishna River, Pathikonda, Kodumur, Karampudi, Skota, Vepeda, Ramachandrapuram, Mukkuva, Sambara, Yerrasamantavalasa, Parvathipuram, Komarada, Rambadhrapuram, Thamballapalli, Gooty, Tadipatri, Guntakal, Yadiki, Pendekalu, Pemidi, Palturu, Yadiki, Pedda Pappuru, Pedda Vedugaru, Bukkaraya Samudram, Gannavaram, Karlapalem, Kakinada, Prakasam


Suvarnamukhi, Gomukhi, Krishna, Godavari

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