Please help over 100,000 animals and about 5412 flooded villages!

Dear Friends, the press and report from Pradeep of the situation in Andhra Pradesh remains alarming (please see his new plan and photos from the past few weeks below). I have many headlines of inundated villages and accounts that can share by email with anyone who is interested, please ask. Here is a situation that can be helped. Thousands of people remain in flood camps and today’s headlines say: VISAKHAPATNAM: The relief provided by the Government to the flood-affected people in the district was meager when compared to the major loss suffered. If the people are barely being helped how much less so the animals. This appeal is both for individuals who feel moved to help and any contribution can directly go towards funding the VSPCA outreach teams (so far we gratefully have received a response from The Fletcher family of the UK of USD 140). We await to hear if any groups can continue the work that WSPA has funded during the past few weeks.

We especially plead for expert teams to come here if at all possible.

Another cyclone alert is now forecast and any help or advice or words of encouragement is much appreciated. The shelter itself has had some damage but it is holding up so far after this year’s improvements. But there are many months to go for this year’s cyclone season. We await to hear if support and expert help can be obtained to go out and help the stranded and ill animals in these poor areas. The farmers are extraordinarily grateful and learn further humane practices from our teams. Village dogs and cats receive help as well.

Many thanks,
Eileen Weintraub
VSPCA Representative, helping from Seattle, WA, USA

The plan:

We would like to cover mostly the coastal areas that we are familiar with from the Tsunami times: Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari , Krishna, Khammam Districts (see map).

Srikakulam and Vizianagaram are our primary targets that we have started two weeks ago before the two storms came in and slowed our progress. In this the town of Srikakaulam was not included as there was no flooding but this time it is coverd with 4 feet stagnated water.

Our estimation for the budget mostly has to do with the medicines and vaccination and labour charges. If we are targeting over a lakh (100,000) animals which is easily done as each farmer has 100 to 500 goats holding it will be covered within three Districts itself. About 5412 villages. Of course it is dependant on how many have survived and we will continue to rescue them but feel that the budget has been kept at the very tight level when considering the distance and the number of animals that we want to do. It is going to be difficult to access and need special people that .

One team has left once again with two trucks to Srikakulam. We will continue to build teams and send them with the availability of resources.

My best,
Pradeep Nath

July 22nd – before the very heavy flooding began. VSPCA photos of outreach teams.

Buffalo in the flood water

Flood relief camp – they are waiting for our help most urgently once again!

Woman receiving feed

Village woman receiving special feed to help her animals.

Feeding dog

Dr. Neeraj,feeding a hungry dog, our first vet to reach the place besides Pradeep. In just this village of old Kimmi there are an estimated 200 dogs, many stranded by now.

Mrooned villagers

Marooned villagers at Mummidivaram in the Konaseema region wave out to an overflying helicopter of the Indian Air Force seeking food and water. There were reports of water and food packets falling into flood waters when they were dropped from helicopters. Six IAF helicopters and 10 Navy boats have joined rescue and relief operations in Andhra Pradesh. (Photo from

Newspaper coverage

Telugu (local dialect in Andhra Pradesh) press of flood relief efforts, there are many clippings in the local press that give encouragement to the people that animals require help during these crisis times as well.

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