Dear well-wishers and supporters,

We began 2015 attempting to recover from Cyclone Hudhud, gradually resuming normal shelter activities and outreach programmes in the first quarter of the year. We worked in the shelters under makeshift camps, taking extraordinary security precautions against intrusions by burglars, middlemen, and hunters. It was a distressing time for all us to carry-on with our regular projects while continuing to meet the emergency requirements of the animals.

We continue to recover, and have been apprehensive about the risk of more devastating cyclones in the months from September through December. But this only makes us feel greater responsibility to work in this difficult cyclone-prone area, because the animals who suffer here need the most help. As with every natural disaster, we get stronger and more confident in facing these disasters as we gain experience.

We remain extremely grateful to you for extending your immediate help in response to these emergencies in the past, and being so instrumental in getting us back to helping animals in distress as soon as possible.

We have had a successful year coming to the aid of animals throughout our region. We are particularly pleased with the positive judgement we received in our court case against plastic bags, which have terrible consequences for street animals, most especially the cattle. However the bigger challenge lies in the implementation of the judgment, and we need to educate all who will listen on the reasons for the plastic bag ban. We have witnessed the extreme pain and sufferings experienced by affected street animals, and this motivates us to make this ruling a reality on the streets.

All of our projects look to strike a balance between human welfare and animal welfare, and we strive towards a perfect harmony and peaceful coexistence. We are far from this ideal, but we are observing positive changes in the behavior of humans towards animals. As intelligent beings it is our responsibility to help those who are deprived of basic necessities, and we are committing a grave mistake when we do not help those that need the support. Our intention has and will always be to serve those that need us to best of our ability and to the best of our resources.

We look towards your continuing support in 2016 as we consolidate and continue to expand to more areas in order to help save and protect more animals.

Yours sincerely,
Pradeep Kumar Nath

Touching human and animal lives

Breathing life!

Activity Report, 2014-2015

Sea Turtle Programme

New Eggs Hatchings Released
38,793 33,495

Animals saved in natural disasters

Animal Rescues
Dogs 574
Cats 321
Cattle 13,000
Sheep & Goats 5700
TOTAL 19,595

Animal Birth Control for Dogs

Sterilized Rabies Vaccinations Rehomed
5168 5168 5168

SOS - Wild Animals

Animal Rescues Field Treatments
Monkeys 1
Parrots 10
Star Tortoises 4
Owls 1
Squirrels 2
Snakes 5

SOS - Domestic Animals

Animal Rescues Field Treatments
Dogs 241 12
Puppies 10
Cats 43
Kittens 15
Calves 4300
Horses 1 1
Pigeons 1
Rabbits 12
Birds 10
Pigs 2
Goats 1
TOTAL 4636 13

Other activities

  • We saved 1543 migratory birds in Telineelapuram Village
  • We provided water to 1100 animals during the summer heat wave with our water bowl program
  • Combined we helped 139,169 animals in this period
  • We now have 1543 animals under our care
  • We provided assistance to 14,400 people with our vegan meals programme
  • We provided glucose water to 3600 people to prevent heatstroke during the summer heat wave

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