Dear Friends, Supporters and Well Wishers

So much to update everyone and so much progress combined with even more challenges. To see all of our recent achievements please note our new yearly report is now online. We also just posted our new sea turtle report for the 2011-2012 season.

We had no choice but to recently rescue 56 cows from the horrendous condition in a three-layer enclosed lorry. With our dedicated treatment, they are all surviving but we need your support more than ever. Read more about the rescue here.

A new low for India’s cows: three layers in one lorry.

Freeing them from their bondage after over 3 days with no food or water.

At our sanctuary – freedom and care, we are working very hard with intensive treatment to cure them (mostly Foot and Mouth disease) of their cruel treatment

NEWS FLASH! A miracle of innocence: one cow who was already pregnant when rescued just gave birth to this beautiful male calf, our actions saved two lives! See more photos and our naming “contest”.

Our dedicated vets and staff continue their lifesaving activities on a daily basis, some of the stories we post to our Facebook page.

Here is Ms. Sarada Buddhiraju our sanctuary manager with three of our recent little angels.

From left to right: Little, Q.T. (cutie) and Tivity. Little’s story is still up sadly unsponsored on our sponsorship page – please consider sponsoring one of our shelter dogs

It all started with feeding needy street dogs way back over four decades ago and has come a long way with many different projects since 1996. We remain deeply obliged and grateful to all our supporters in every way possible. Your donations inspire and motivate all of us to continue to free all kind of animals from their pitiful bondage. We will not rest until this is achieved and the cruelty is removed from the thoughts, hearts and actions of all those who indulge in such heinous crimes.

Our primary target is our District covering more than 400 km and the Coastal areas of 1000 km covering three Districts and then move on to other areas with likeminded people and policies. It is hard to maintain sanctuaries but nothing is impossible and we plan to prove this too.

All these would not be possible with your support and blessings. We are happy we have this opportunity to serve our animal friends but can only continue to do with your generous support, please join us with any amount. You can have the confidence that your hard-earned dollar or rupee is going very far with us.

Rani and Balu

In memory of Rani and Balu and many more. After all the abuse they have endured from human hands we work to give them all a dignified life.

Tony the cat

Above: Tony before and after 3 months of healing and surgery (view Tony’s story). All that is needed is a donation of $40 (Rs. 2000) to give the same help to someone like Tony. Will you help us?

With love from India’s animals – from all of us at Visakha Society for Protection and Care for Animals.

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