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No end to the misery for pedigree dogs!

The city stands flooded with pomeranian dogs, and sadly there are few people willing to adopt them. Today we estimate there are over 500 pom dogs on our streets. Some die from road accidents as they are unaccustomed to the traffic; others die of hunger and thirst; still, more are severely mauled by territorial dogs. On a whole, these poor dogs endure immense suffering.

We need to provide them a safe and secure place until they can be placed in good foster homes. Meanwhile we are pressuring with the local authorities to enact effective regulatory provisions, such as microchipping these dogs to track them, and prosecuting their neglectful owners with heavy penalities. We are also taking steps to regulate the pet breeders and sellers.

This poor dog was left with a plastic sheet tied to his neck, cutting him very deeply. He has now been freed and is recuperating in the shelter.

Stopping Illegal Transportation - Yes, We Are Making A Difference!

Our attempt to bring in change through various awareness efforts in the animal shandies continues. We do face very stiff resistance, and have to involve the police every time lest we find ourselves in deep trouble with the middlemen. Armed with the Transportation Rules we are slowly but surely making transportation more humane, as well as stopping irregular and suspect activities at the animal shandies, and preventing cows, progenies, and pregnant cattle from being sent to slaughter by transportation.

Every animal shandy holds very sad stories for the cattle - unbelievable cruelties. Above is an example of baby buffaloes crowded into a truck - inhumane and illegal under the new Transportation Rules which the AP Government has recently amended and implemented. We have been nominated in all the 42 mandals in the District as part of the Shandy Committee. Under these rules the Animals Shandies will have to have complete sheds and all amenities, with presence of personnel from Animal Husbandry, Police and Road Transport Authorities. It is not enough to pass in legislation only - these laws must be enforced on the ground, and these efforts are well underway in our district.

Expanding Our Animal Birth Control Programme in Rural Areas

Most of the rabies cases we find originate in the rural areas, creating panic across the entire state. In order to save the lives of both humans and dogs, we began a serious effort to carry out our spay/neuter program in these rural areas. Thanks to our mobile medical help the Animal Birth Control for street dogs in these villages continues as strong as ever. When there are facilities for the dogs to recover (for 3 days after surgery), the dogs are operated on and then held until recovered. The rest are brought the nearest suitable location.

Villagers watch while Dr. Rajeswar spays a dog in the mobile unit.

The entire community is also educated on this programme as they watch the procedures live, and we explain to them the reasons for the programme as well. They are often unaware of how the ABC programme can solve this issue, which often they only know to deal with by killing the dogs (which does not solve the problem at its root).

This Dog Protection Programme (DPP) is a joint initiative of Net AP and VSPCA, which aims to imporve animal welfare in the rural areas where often animal wlefare is at its worst. Be a part of this important project which is uplifting lives of rural areas.

20th year of our Sea Turtle Protection at the Coast of Visakhapatnam

We are two decades old in the protection and conservation of the endangered sea turtles at the coast of Visakhapatnam. What started in 1996 as a very small measure of protecting just 23 nests today protects more than 330 nests every season.

Thus far we have protected 6300 nests and released 606,780 babies into the ocean.

This season the efforts have already begun alongside the A.P. Forest Department, and so far 314 nests and 34,465 eggs have been collected and moved to our two major Hatcheries. Already 794 hatchlings have been released this season.

The success rate has been an encouraging 80%!

Some recent successful rescues and rehabilitations

Dog found with awire around his neck, now removed and healing.

Pig rescued from slaughter, now living on our Kindness Farm.

Dog with horrible facial injuries, now healed and living at our shelter.

We are very grateful to your continued faith and support and ask you to be an active part of our efforts for the animals in distress.

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