Dear Friends of VSPCA,

Great news! Our new ambulance (provided by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation) is up and running.

VSPCA ambulance

The VSPCA “we care for our animals” the ambulance isn’t just serving the street animals of Visakha. When the local people see it in action, their attitude changes. They begin to realize that animals matter too.

Surgey inside our new ambulance

Inside our new ambulance, VSPCA veterinarian Dr. Subir and his helper perform a neutering operation on a community dog. It’s all done onsite using advanced (for India) methods, including safe gas anaesthesia. After he’s recovered, the dog walks away with an ear notch to remind us he won’t be needing our neutering services again!

Visakhapatnam is home to many neglected horses left in filthy areas without shelter. Our vets break this cycle of neglect by holding horse camps where they counsel undereducated horse keepers and teach by example: doing dewormings and vaccinations, treating wounds with painkillers, treating skin diseases, and providing the horses with extra feedings and nutrient concentrates. This is a neglected six-year-old horse (below) whom we are monitoring and treating as best we can. Sadly, we don’t have room for him at our sanctuary which is currently swollen over with some 1000 animals. If we could afford it, we would purchase more land so we could shelter more horses like him.

Neglected horse

Whitey, a community dog (below), was an SOS call for our ambulance. Vizagites (Vizag is the nickname for Visakhapatnam) know they can count on us. So could Whitey: his ear is all healed up now.


VSPCA is a powerhouse of animal welfare activity in southeast India. Our achievements are recognized locally, nationally and worldwide. To continue doing what we’ve been doing – and to do even more – we need your help.

US dollars (currently very strong against the Indian rupee) go such a long way. Every contribution helps us so much as the need here is so great and now particularly due to the economic downturn which affects India greatly. Please contribute as generously as you can as often as you can.

Visit our donation page for your contribution options and share our dream to bring animal aid and humane awareness to India!

On behalf of Pradeep Nath, President and Founder, the VSPCA Board and everyone at VSPCA.

Kind regards,
Eileen Weintraub,
VSPCA Global Outreach Director

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