April 2006 – Jain/Marwari event and newly rescued cows

Please friends, consider helping the spread the word about this gaushala now with 650 cattle. Please help us take care of them. They are getting some help from the religious community but not enough. VSPCA also gives hope to the struggling farmers by teaching them how to make the biogas and sell it thereby helping the farmers and their cows. The shelter is a blissful and inspiring vision of a natural environment that all beings enjoy. Please also see our link about “cow sanctuary and biogas”.

VSPCA booth

VSPCA booth.

close-up of picture at VSPCA booth - Krishna and beloved cow

Close-up of picture at VSPCA booth –  Krishna and beloved cow.

Marwari event

Speech by head priest with our shelter video in Hindi playing in the background.

Marwari support

26th March 2006 at the Vishwapriya Function Hall at the beach front we had a booth especially for the protection of the cows. The awareness cum education campaign was aimed at the Jains and Marwaris to sensitise them for their support helping the cattle in distress. There were more than 3000 people at the Function Hall which also a trade fair.

The opening powerful speech was from The Head Priest of Shri. Krishna Chaitanya Mutt who spoke for three hours and then blessed us all. Four days of this campaign and continuous huge advertisements were put up in the Hindi newspaper. The outcome has been that they would like to help to feed the saved cattle which is our major expense. This first month they would provide 24 tonnes of grass and we are working for further to gain more support on maybe a larger scale and more comprehensive help.

More cattle rescued

89 cattle were rescued from going to the illegal slaughterhouses. Weary, tired and terribly hungry these cattle in two batches were made to walk for more than 75 kms for three days nonstop.

They were spotted around 6 AM early morning by the TV9 media people who complained to the Commissioner of Police and in turn to the Circle Inspector. Also to The Municipality and to us. It was a strong joint effort and made a dramatic impact probably due to the interference of the media. This time there was no comments from the police as to the genuine nature of our complaints because the media joined our plea.

Cattle subsequently rescued by VSPCA. Cattle subsequently rescued by VSPCA.

Cattle subsequently rescued by VSPCA.

40 butchers were lined up at the Fifth Town Police Station and at the Pendurthy Police Station protesting strongly for the cattle to be handed over to them. We saved even the bulls under the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Act as they were totally dehydrated and most had their hooves badly worn out due to the many hours of forced walking. The entire walk can be witnessed with the bloody stains. We immediately received threats from the butchers which made us further more determined to save all of them at all costs. The word is spreading around and much awareness was created.

At a time like this when the bird flu threatens the demand, the nonvegetarians has shifted drastically to other “meat” besides chicken like fish, goats, sheep and cattle and the cheapest of them is the cattle.

We now have 650 cattle and need your support.

Recently we received an unfortunate cow who was impounded by the Municipality for being on the street. As is the case with all the stray cattle there is a lot of complication from plastic bags contamination and anemic conditions. It is unfortunate as the cow was pregnant and her calf died inside. The cow came to us with no rumination, impartation weak, emaciated, anemic. She expired after three days of our struggle to bring her back from her toxic condition. She did not respond to our treatment as her stomach was full of the plastic bag and her insides were all toxic due to the death of her calf.

Previously we fought in the court and got the colored plastic bags banned but we want thiese clear plastic bags banned too because the cows see and smell the food contents inside and still eat it. Click here for photos of this sad sight – of the poor dead cow’s insides full of plastic and her sweet calf – which we were hesitant to show on our web site. This is to help document the ongoing problem of trash in India and its sometimes lethal effects.

Another cow that has also come in from the Municipality and is needing an emergency operation because she suddenly had a bloated stomach. We suspect it is also because of the plastic bags. This is indeed a major issue.

Please help by contributing to our project to build an operation room for the large animals as presently we have to operate in poor makeshift less than sanitary conditions.

My best,
Pradeep Nath

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