Dear Friends, Supporters and Well Wishers 

The two VSPCA shelters have flooded! Just as superstorm Sandy hit the USA we had cyclone “Nilam” which dumped a month’s worth of rainfall in over a few short days. This was on top of the last few months of heavy rain without respite, and the rains continued in the aftermath of the cyclone, exacerbating floods and hampering recovery and rescue efforts. The punishing winds and heavy rains have claimed many lives, flooded homes, and destroyed vast tracts of farmland. During such disasters, it becomes easy to overlook the animals affected.

Cows at our flooded shelter

Our mission is two-fold: first, to help our shelter recover from these damages. (see below) . Second, to reach out to the affected areas with on the spot treatment to injured and starving animals, those suffering from weakness, dehydration, exhaustion and trauma. We are bringing the more serious cases to our shelter for care and rehabilitation. We will provide all related vaccinations and above all impart awareness to the people involved so that in such time of emergencies those animals also greatly need and deserve rescue!

Please help us save more animals from the floodwaters!

Cows at our flooded shelter

Flooded sanctuaries mean livestock cannot lie down to sleep. Torrential rains restrict food supplies. High winds hinder outreach efforts. Dry food, medication, and vaccines to prevent communicable diseases must be procured. Before we can go out in the surrounding areas to perform rescues, our first priority is the restoration and repair of our two shelters and treating the affected animals therein.

Please help us rebuild our sanctuaries!

The VSPCA Kindness Farm was badly flooded. With no drainage facility yet there is severe water damage across all 9 acres. The flooding was due to a breach of the Government-built reservoir nearby and the inflows from heavy rainfall. Damages have accrued to the boundary walls and the entire stock of 20 tonnes of dry hay has been washed away – a great financial hardship. There are hundreds of large and small animals here: 269 cattle, 5 horses, 1 tortoise and 1 goat.

Workers at the VSPCA Kindness Farm

Much of our recent hard work at the Kindness Farm is ruined, when we rebuild the drainage facilities we can prevent this from happening again. These dedicated shelter staff people make just about $2.00 a day and it is only your support we can keep them employed – bringing humane awareness to our area.

The VSPCA original shelter with almost one thousand animals has been affected by nine feet water from the swollen adjacent stream flowing inside. All the animals were shifted to higher ground and there were extensive damages to the cattle shed, the vermicomposting huts (destroyed along with all the earthworms), and the wildlife areas, totally destroying our Aviary Mesh. The Aviary is 60 feet height, 60 feet length and 40 feet wide and has 200 birds under care and rehabilitation.

Workers with puppies

Our future is uncertain without your kind help! 

Please help us rebuild and come back even stronger!

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