Dear well-wishers and supporters,

We at VSPCA are enduring a very challenging and frustrating period, which may be even more difficult than when we were debilitated by last year’s Cyclone Hudhud. This is because while we have reached a stage where we have gained the highest of respect from the local government and occupy a pivotal position where we are able to make some major changes for the betterment of India’s animals, we are simultaneously in an extremely tight financial situation which is severely hampering our efforts. This is primarily due to the sad and sudden passing of one of our biggest benefactors, and the resulting difficulties in settling her estate.

This unfortunate situation has made it very difficult for us to move on with our innovative projects and highly -successful campaigns. With your ongoing and generous support, we have been able to regroup and re-strategize so that our most important programmes and rescue efforts continue to the best of our ability. We continue to work hard to save as many as possible, as you have likely seen through our frequent Facebook updates and email newsletters, and we are staying on-top of the issues that arise day in and out. Your kind words and support have been our major inspiration and continue to buoy our spirits and confidence in going forward.

This appeal is our last effort to get us through this difficult phase, and we hope that you will stand with us in whatever way you can – as you have generously in the past - and help us continue to help both our shelter animals and those we have yet to reach.

Below we present to you the essential minimum requirements our efforts need on an ongoing basis, and we kindly ask that you use them to determine how you might support us.

Daily feed expenses for shelter animals

Feed Quantity INR USD
Dry hay for 710 cattle 3 tonnes per day @
Rs. 3/kg
9000 140
Green grass for 710 cattle 11 tonnes per day @
Rs. 3/kg
33,000 515
Concentrated feed for 710 cattle 1.4 tonnes per day @
Rs. 725/45kg bag
45,675 714
Dog feed for 300 shelter dogs Rs. 25 per day, per dog 7500 117
Cat feed for an average of 150 shelter cats Rs. 30 per day, per cat 4500 70
Feed for 45 pigeons Rs. 15 per day, per pigeon 1464 23
Feed for 55 parrots Rs. 10 per day, per parrot 550 9
Feed for 8 rabbits Rs. 10 per day, per rabbit 80 2
Feed for 91 emus Rs. 20 per day, per emu 1820 28
Fees for 6 horses Rs. 70 per day, per horse 420 6
Feed for 6 monkeys Rs. 20 per day, per monkey 120 2
Feed for 82 star tortoises Rs. 10 per day, per tortoise 820 13
Feed for 64 ducks, turkeys, and chickens Rs. 10 per day, per fowl 640 11
Feed for 3 pigs Rs. 40 per day, per pig 120 2
Total daily feed expense 105,709 1652

Feed which we require to feed the shelter animals:

Rice, wheat, dal, vegetables, pedigree, tomatoes, carrots, beans, okra, corn, papayas, pomegranates, peas, groundnuts, horse gram. also any kind of food biscuits, special cattle feed, dry hay, dry grass, or green grass.

Materials required for shelter maintenance:

Used materials such as doors, windows, newspaper, clothes, mugs, buckets, spades, broom sticks, hardware, material computer, printers, electrical materials, helmets, gumboots, rain coats, stationary materials, mesh, wood, drums, hosepipes, covering sheets, and any other kind building material.

We are very grateful to your continued faith and support and ask you to be an active part of our efforts for the animals in distress.

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