To all of our supporters, well-wishers and friends near and far

50 Cents Saves Everyone from Rabies!

VSPCA has vaccinated more than 100,000 dogs since 1998, making the city relatively safe. However, rabies dogs from surrounding rural areas continue to put Visakha's dogs at risk, so VSPCA is proposing an 3-year annual rabies booster program, plus expansion into neighbouring regions, covering a minimum of 70,000 dogs. And our long-term goal is to convince government authorities under the Public Health Programme to emulate VSPCA's successful strategy!

In a developing country like India, where culture and sentiments are the centre parts and Ahimsa is relevant in our daily lives, the issues are entirely of a different kind. When the government has many serious issues like poverty and unemployment, it is the neglected animals who suffer all the pain and are treated as the least priority part of the society. In spite of all the odds we do not stop trying to bring change in society in order to make this world a better place for both the dogs and the humans.

In our fight to continue to save the dogs, we plea for your small support. Only 50 cents - half a dollar - can save a dog from rabies and avoid human dog-bite tragedy!

Helping Thirsty Street Dogs

Imagine living in 110 degrees Fahrenheit with no access to water. This is the sad reality for countless Indian street animals where each year thousands die from dehydration and heat stroke.

But VSPCA is making a difference, and we need your help! VSPCA will place 200 concrete water bowls throughout the city, providing safe drinking water to the street animals- dogs, cats, cows, goats, birds, rats, and even humans. But the impact goes further! We will recruit local students as animal ambassadors, maintaining the water bowls, and spreading awareness of animal welfare throughout their community.

It's true that not everybody in India loves animals, but we do. Since 1996 VSPCA has undertaken countless projects helping India's street animals. No matter what obstacles come between us we fight to help the animals with all the resources we have - and this is only possible with your continued support.

ABC-VSPCA has the resources, but needs the vets!

Animal Birth Control (ABC) is the mass sterilization of street dogs. VSCPA has demonstrated success in reducing the street dog population through their ongoing ABC efforts. However, VSPCA has the means to sterilize 60 dogs per day, but due to lack of adequate veterinarian interest in street dog work, we can only help 20 dogs/day. VSPCA needs more vets! We are especially interested in international vets who could also share veterinarian knowledge. If you are vet interested in volunteering with VSCPA and show your compassion through humane ABC methods, please contact VSCPA immediately!

Volunteer Highlight: John from Australia!

A special thank you to our volunteer John Landon, from Australia. John's main objective was to participate in The Kindness Mobile Restaurant and Dr.Paw (bringing a friendly dog to visit disabled children) Apart from these two absolutely unique projects that connects humans and animals, he worked at The One Stop Feeding Station for Animals In Distress, at Shelter 1 and Kindness Farm, and even teaching English to the office staff -- he did it all with great accomplishment.

Above: Our Dr. Paw program at the blind school with John and “Dr. Florence” (therapy dog)

We will surely miss him but more important all his hundreds of friends - both humans and other animals - will sorely miss him. He has a ready-made smile and he has earned friendship from all. His works on the streets has brought more respect to the animals from the public who watched his activities. We wish him luck in all his endeavors and look forward to his return!

Volunteering with VSPCA can be a truly life changing experiencing. If you are interested in volunteering with street dogs, sacred cow rescues, sea turtle conservation, or the plethora of other VSPCA projects,

29 Calves Saved from Slaughter!

Butchers have reached new lows as they now transport cows in closed steel containers, through stifling heat or darkest nights, to cover their evidence of illegal cow slaughter. But VSPCA team members were on the field, spotted this illegal occurrence, and saved all 29 animals. Many animals were in ill health, suffering from stress, heat exhaustion, and Foot and Mouth Disease. All the calves were given a new home in the VSPCA Kindness Farm, where they can recover and live a peaceful life.

Did you know that milk is responsible for these egregious crimes? Dairy cows who no longer produce milk, or male calves born to these cows, are sent to slaughter for both beef and leather. Be a part of the solution and choose to leave milk out of your diet! Choose a compassionate vegan lifestyle to truly make a difference for animals.

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